Gotta start somewhere

I’m a firm believer that one of the goals of writing is to understand.  Even stream of consciousness drivel can sometimes lead you to some sort of epiphany about yourself.  My hope is that putting some words down here and there will help me to understand my life.  I’m in my early twenties-no permanent job, no permanent home.  Being that I’m a fairly Type-A personality, the uncertainty sometimes makes my head spin –but I’m starting to recognize the opportunities I have, and how freakin’ lucky I am.

This past year has been quite tumultuous.  PC went off to Italy to play volleyball, I lived with my friends’ family and finished my teaching credential in Thousand Oaks.  Then I spent a couple of months in Italy.  Then back to California living in a new apartment and coaching soccer for a couple of months.  Next, I decided that Californian summer was overrated and traded in for an Australian winter.  I lived in Canberra for a little while, and now I’m finishing out my last week living on the Central Coast with PC’s parents.  Unable/Didn’t see the point in trying to get a job permanently teaching or even substitute teaching in California, I’ve been trying out the sub thing down under.  Looking forward, I’ll be back home for about 3 weeks after which I’m continuing on to Germany.  No job offers yet despite my incessant email/resume barrages.  However, I’m hopeful that once I arrive I can annoy somebody enough to offer me a teaching job.

Anyways, I guess this blog will try to make sense of what I do and see.  I’m going to try to record the thrills, the panic and the ensuing hilarity of trying out adult life on 3 different continents.

Me and PC, Firenze
Canberra is beautiful and interesting, I won't hear a word said against her
The novelty of this view may never wear off
California's pretty cool too

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