Last Sydney Weekend

With my departure from Australia slated for Wednesday, I wanted to take full advantage of my last weekend in Sydney and the possibilities of glorious spring weather.  I cannot express how thankful I am for PC’s brother Marc and his wonderful girlfriend Gabbi.  They have continually allowed me to invade their beautiful apartment in Mosman.  What’s more, they always take me to awesome restaurants, markets and beaches when I visit.  This weekend was no exception.

The weather man guaranteed sunny 27 degree weather on Saturday…what a liar.  Devastated by the appearance of clouds, we made the most of it with a trip to the Kirribilli markets.

A beautiful antipasto lunch on the balcony

Oh, but yes.

Met up with Pepperdine girls Jackie and Amanda for afternoon refreshment in Bondi.  They will be spending the next year in a beautiful apartment about two steps from the water. It was really nice catching up with them, and discussing the decision to live abroad.  Americans are not taught to travel extensively, let alone live in another country.  The protestant work ethic demands that we get our butt in gear, and start making money.  Conversely, our Aussie peers are encouraged to take a few years off to gallivant around Europe.  I’m not suggesting that all US 2o-somethings bum around the world, in fact most of us can’t really afford it.  But, travel should be valued as something more than a diversion.

At Papaya Thai Restaurant enjoying some delicious Argentinian wine thanks to PC.  If you go to Australia you MUST eat Thai food- as much as possible.  I have it on good authority that it’s the best in the world, even better than Thailand.  I haven’t been to Thailand to confirm that, but I can say that I daydream/fantasize about Australian Thai- it’s that delicious.

Sunday. Literally.  Finally, a gorgeous day to enjoy the beach.  I plopped down in Manly with the Sunday paper…and life was good.  Seriously, you don’t know how depressed I would have been if in 3 trips to Australia I hadn’t had one good beach day.

Some other peeps joined me.




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