It’s All Good From Diego to the Bay

I’ve been fairly busy since arriving home about a week ago.  Apart from the epic Erin vs. Jet Lag battle I’ve waged, I have spent some quality time with people and places I love. I am tired of seeing Los Angeles and Orange Country portrayed as the industry whoring, glitzy, boozey, drugged out places where dreams go to die.  There are definitely things I love and hate about Southern California.  But it’s where I grew up, and I think I turned out just fine thank you.

Friday night was an amazingly balmy evening spent with my parents, ZZTop, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  Perhaps it’s a little self involved, but some of those songs were really speaking to me “Free Fallin”, “Learning to Fly”, “American Girl”

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Hollywood Bowl

Up to Calabasas/Agoura Hills for some time with my best friends. I got to check off one of the restaurants on my list.

Wood Ranch, good ol' Amurican bbq with great friends

Corona Del Mar with Mom, Grandma and Sister for wedding fun.  I cannot express without squealing how excited I am for my sister’s wedding.


My sister made a most amazing purchase at this establishment. So happy that I could be a part of it.

Now I’d like to say a few words about a polarizing topic- LA roads/traffic.  I cannot understand the hostility towards driving in Southern California.  Honestly, what is the big deal? Yes, there’s traffic.  But it’s predictable, and therefore manageable.  when you know you’ll be stuck in traffic, you simply leave yourself extra time, pump the jams and enjoy some time to yourself or delightful conversation with your carpool partners.  LA’s roads are wide, grid-patterned and logical.  The freeways connect each other running North, South, East and West.  I am literally frightened of driving through the chaos and irrational mess that is the road system in Sydney.  However, I have absolutely no problem driving in LA.  And have I mentioned the signage? Clear, visible, informative.  For those who mess this up <Ahem out-of-towners>  there are signs that tell you the distance to each freeway exit so that you can navigate your way over to the merging lane with adequate time.  If you think you’re gonna swing from the fast lane to the off-ramp with 50 yards of road, you’re probably gonna miss your exit.  Sorry you couldn’t figure that out.  The good news? It is 1/4 of a mile until the next exit and you can quite easily find your way again.  So to oft cursed freeways and roads of Southern California I confess my admiration and love for you.


LA Traffic

My sister graciously allowed me to stay at her very cute apartment, which meant that a trip back to school was in order.  Said ‘hi’ to some professors, Marv Dunphy and crew and of course the deer on campus.  It took me a couple of years to really appreciate and love this university, but I am now incredibly thankful for my time there.

Alma Mater
Playful deer on campus

It doesn’t hurt that the school is sandwiched between Malibu beaches and the Santa Monica Mountains.



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