Always Something There to Remind Me

Is there a word for that phenomenon where you learn about a person, place, word, event whatever, and then it seems to pop up EVERYWHERE?  I always feel like I’ve learned some secret handshake with the universe, and now we’re buds–I’m really cool.

Then there’s the other phenomenon when something dearly missed begins to manifest itself in your daily life.  You know, the ol’ “I broke up with my significant other and now I see him/her/other everywhere” syndrome.  I’m feeling that a combination of these two phenomena are occurring in my life right now.  It all has to do with Australia.

It seems that everywhere I go, I find a piece of Australiana.  Now I realize that I didn’t spend a particularly long time there.  I’m not exactly a resident, but I wasn’t exactly a tourist.  Because I lived there as a regular person with my  wonderful “adoptive” family and working in those high schools,  I developed a special sort of fondness and familiarity with the place.  It was difficult leaving, but now the country won’t leave me alone.  I have taken to documenting instances of it’s omnipresence in my life. You will notice that most of these instances are food related… what a surprise…

Koalas with Sunnies…Thanks CVS

I’m not so sure about these…Interesting inventory Albertsons

Delicious Crackers

Run to your nearest Cost Plus and pick up some Mint Slices.  Do It. Now. You’re Welcome.

Leave me alone tantalizing wall of flavored liquorice

Evidence that the Universe and I are homies…It’s already preparing me for Germany

One thought on “Always Something There to Remind Me

  1. Every time I see canned pears, it reminds me of you spazzing out “PEARS” and that lovely photo that elicits that response.

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