Bay-ern Munchen

Regrettably, I’ve been without internet for a week, and have not been able to update loved ones/confirm that I’m alive.  Currently, I’m sitting in the office of PC’s team, and using their wifi.  With my limited time I’ll just post some pictures.  We are living in the quaint town of Unterhaching which is a suburb of Munich in Bavaria.  It’s quite chilly already…but otherwise it’s beautiful.   Walking 2 kilometres from our apartment you can find yourself in the forest, or in an enormous “Home Depot” like establishment.


The Alps


the park near our place
If you walk past the park you get to an enormous cornfield
walk further still and you're suddenly in the forest

Munich is beautiful

5 thoughts on “Bay-ern Munchen

  1. yay germany. so today i retold the story to someone of how me and you thought it would be hilarious if the dementors in harry potter leaned in and whispered “give us a kiss”. i laughed just as hard as the day we realized that.

    happy travels!!

    your friendly loud elephant friend Stampy

  2. don’t you love autumn, when the leaves all turn color? Beautiful! It the season I miss the most…Enjoy, because soon, it will be COLD! Wool sweaters and Down filled jackets. The ticket to staying warm in cold climes!

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