The Goose Chase

The past few days have consisted of both encouraging and frustrating moments.  The job search looks promising, but the process of becoming a legal worker is complicated.  I am beginning to question that widely accepted stereotype of efficient and organized Germans.

Oh! side note: Monday, All Saints Day, was a holiday here in Southern Germany. Notice SOUTHERN Germany.  In the North it’s just another work day.  It reflects that whole Catholic/Protestant split, you know Martin Luther, 30 years war, the defenestration of Prague….ahhh I love history.  ok ok on to the important stuff.

I had a meeting a the Munich International School in Starnberg.  It looks very probable that I can get substitute teaching work there as soon as I get my paperwork approved. With a junior, middle and senior school, I’m hoping that the work will be plentiful.  I was sent off with an application, and a reminder to get a work permit and a residence permit.

the MIS grounds

As a non-EU citizen, I have quite a few hoops to jump through.  First, any resident in Germany must register at their local city hall.  So first stop was the Rathaus of Unterhaching. The first attempt to register ended with the city’s computers crashing, and ten minutes of broken English and German between myself and the receptionist trying to communicate the situation.  Second attempt- success!

Next, I have to get a work permit.   I knew I had to go to some kind of big city hall type place in Munich that helps out foreigners.  First, I ended up at the Landeshaupstadt where after several discussions with receptionists, several hundred flights of stairs and several pages of translated German paperwork I found out I was in the wrong place.  Apparently they only handle those living in the actual city of Munich.

Instead, I needed to go to the Landratsamt.  Note the frustrating similarity between “Landeshaupstadt” and “Landratsamt”….when a German speaker says these to you, you may confuse them.  I arrived in a room where I received a work permit application, and another document.  Apparently, I have to get my application filled out by myself and my potential boss, return it to the Landratsamt who sends it to the bureau in charge of employment. Once that employment bureau ok’s it, the Landratsamt sends me a letter. I then get to complete the second document and return it to the Landratsamt.

Yay Paperwork

If I get all that paperwork done, I can them move on to securing a residence permit which will prevent the government from deporting me after 3 months. This should involve more fun paperwork, and trips to government offices.  Right now I’m trying to focus on my first task at hand which is finding a German speaker who can tell me if I was actually given the correct forms, and if so, help me fill me them out. Please. Help.

I don’t want to end on a note of desperation…so here’s something totally unrelated.  A picture of PC having a coke at the movie theatre.  Now if you are aware of PC’s abnormal size, then you can surmise that that is a large bucket o’ coke.  So take that Europe…America’s not the only place with absurdly large beverages.

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