Good Things

The “Ethnic” food section in some grocery stores.  Truth be told, it came in handy when I wanted to make rice krispy treats.

fall colors

cooking for the season

I LOVE roasted veggies, really any excuse to turn on the oven gets high marks from me.  Making a hearty, flavorful soup that you can warm up anytime is also a smart move.  I use this recipe and it’s always fantastic.  And, using seasonal produce is tasty and practical.  At my mom’s suggestion, I made pork loin with parsnips and pears. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a shot of it, as PC and I were too busy wolfing it down…seriously delicious.  Make It.

Stuff that makes me feel like a pampered princess

Kerastase- shampoo and conditioner

Oro Gold moisturizer

Lush Snowcake Soap



2 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. i’m thinking i want a daily update on your blog…kthxbai

    also you should get on twitter and then you can link everyone to your new blog posts. woot

  2. So beautiful the “fall colors” I sure enjoy seeing you and reading your blogg. Hope things with the job search continue to move foreward for you. Can’t say i’m not a little jealous of your “traveling” life!!!!! I hear the christmas holiday in Germany is awesome—–not thinking “thanksgiving” there is a big deal haha
    love you, aunt nancy

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