Biding My Time

As my work permit application makes its long journey through the German bureaucracy, I’ve been working on some projects to keep myself busy and productive.

Learning German.  PC have been trying to study on our own at home.  With German podcasts, phrasebooks, flashcards and the odd Disney channel show dubbed in Deutsch.  Additionally, PC’s club has arranged for the non-German speaking players (and me) to do a weekly German lesson.  The first lesson occurred on Tuesday.  Five attended: a Slovak, an Australian, a Frenchman, an American and a Brazilian.  The French and Slovakian guys are already more advanced in their Deutsch knowledge.  In my neurotic brain, I immediately began having feelings of anxiety knowing that I could never be the best in class, and that I might possibly be the worst.  Yes, yes, I know, I’ve chilled out since then.  During the first lesson, we were learning how to state activities we are good at.  Our teacher threw out the first example, “I play volleyball very well”.  Then he turned to me and said, “you might say, I cook very well”.  He followed this up by looking at the black, Brazilian and saying, “And you might say, I dance very well”.  Holding in my laughter was quite difficult at that point.  I’m sure that this sweet, older German man meant no disrespect using such cute stereotypes, but it truly tickled me.

My other project, was this couch.  This abominably patterned couch.  If this isn’t the ugliest couch you’ve ever seen, I’d really like to convince you otherwise.

Here’s a close-up of the print.  Yes. Fugly.

Buying a new couch is out of the question.  Buying a slipcover for this couch is expensive, and difficult given it’s non-standard shape.  Generally, all household expenditures made whilst in Germany are simply money down the drain given the fact that neither myself nor PC hail from this continent.  Therefore, cheap homewares are a must for us.  Unfortunately, there is a distinct lack of Target and HomeGoods style stores.  Although, I have discovered that a TKMaxx (yes that’s TK not TJ-it’s the Euro version) allegedly exists some forty minutes from Unterhaching.  When/if we get a car, I’ll soon be making a trip.  But to the point, my cheapo fix for the couch was simply some chocolate brown sheets and pins.  It’ll do.  I’m hoping to score some nicer accent pillows soon.

In other news, PC’s team dropped a tough one to Berlin the other night, but they are looking forward to a rigorous schedule with 2 games a week for the next several weeks including some champions league action.  In fact, PC will be in Russia for a few days to play Kazan right around Thanksgiving.  Seeing the potential for a lonely, boring and depressing Thanksgiving day I’ve made some exciting arrangements.  I’ll be traveling to Greece to spend the holiday with the Jaimie-Rose and Jonathan Winder who have graciously allowed me to invade their home.  They are also living the professional volleyball, ping-ponging around the world life.   I’m really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, and celebrating a holiday that nobody else on the continent cares about.  So, if you have any go-to, never fail Thanksgiving recipes please send them my way!

Now here’s some other stuff that has made me smile in the past few days

A trip to McDonald’s for McFlurries.  Ich liebe es.  You only got to McDonald’s for two meals: breakfast and dessert.  Dessert did not disappoint.  Additionally, McDonald’s outside of the US is a fairly classy establishment, so the atmosphere was quite enjoyable.  Foreigners must be quite repulsed if they go to an American mickey d’s.

I had forgotten how delicious these were

Casey, the McRib is a permanent menu fixture here in Germany.  It’s a sign. Come back.

A package from home to get me ready for the holiday season


One thought on “Biding My Time

  1. Your couch looks sooo much better with the brown sheets! Its funny, because when I saw the McRib on the menu, my reaction was” wow! They have mcrib all the time!” Small pleasures… Your mom is having Thanksgiving Eve movie night this year. Yea! I really missed it last year. So watch planes, trains, and automobiles wed night and think of us, because we will be thinking of you. Love your posts, keep on blogging! stay safe.

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