Come Together

No, the title is not in honor of the long awaited availability of the Beatles catalogue on Itunes.  Though that is exciting news…things seem to be coming together over here at Casa Bay/Carroll.

The mini arrived.  After six weeks of calls, emails, incorrect paperwork and blatant neglect from the dealership, PC was finally able to procure an automobile for us to use until the end of the year.  We had given up on that whole German efficiency thing for awhile there.  However, the car did arrive at a great time.  The weather has changed.  After a beautiful weekend with temperatures around 15° (about 60° fahrenheit), it dropped to 4° (about 40° fahrenheit).   Snow is just around the corner, so walking to the grocery store will no longer be an enjoyable task.

Enter our candy apple red mini.   Yesterday, an older German gentleman arrived at our door, gave me the keys and excitedly wished me a “good fahrt” (I had to bite the inside of my cheek to stifle my giggles).  Unfortunately, I cannot fully enjoy the car yet as it’s a manual.  I grew up in the US where an automatic is the norm, and I’ve never needed to know how to drive a manual.  Now I can look forward to some frustration, tears, cursing and hopefully some semblance of motoring competency in the next week or so.  We are also attempting to name the car.  We have a few names in mind, but I’d like to open it up to others because I’d love some suggestions. 

Last night PC had his first Champion’s League match against CSKA Sofia, a Bulgarian team.  They won handily 3-0. Here’s a few videos from the match.

Someone got an Ace, it just cracks me up

This is how they celebrate a block

Today, we took the mini out for a spin to Starnberg. Starnberg is a rather affluent area situated on a beautiful lake.  Apparently, the Bayern Munchen players all have summer homes here, but during the season they live closer to training.  Despite the chilly, gray weather it was a nice excuse to try out the new wheels.



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