Little things from the week that kept me smiling


The apartment here is quite nice if a little bare.  As aforementioned, it’s difficult to justify spending much cash on this place given our situation.  However, we have found some budget friendly options.  We of course covered our fugly couch.  Then we became the owners of a second couch thanks to one of PC’s teammates.  Most recently, with the mini, we could finally travel to Ikea.  Of course, most of the cheap stuff there follows the “you get what you pay for” adage, but we don’t need high quality, long lasting items- it’s perfect.  An ottoman here, an area rug there and it’s starting to look like people actually live here.  It’s not much, but the poor space needed a mini face-lift.

Before. Nothing in here


After...getting better

German-Mexican Stuff

Because without the sombrero, how would we ever know it's tequila?












These Biscuits


A self-indulgent photo shoot

PC's idea

*not pictured: my Aunt Nancy’s revised goofball recipe which just arrived in my inbox.  Can’t wait to make them after Thanksgiving 🙂

** you may have noticed that learning to drive stick has not been featured as a tid-bit…no smiles yet…working on it



4 thoughts on “TidBits

  1. Chin up with the stick shift Erin… haha, it takes a while. Just think of how cool you’ll be back in the states, one of the few people who can drive one! haha.
    Place looks sweet and I think call the car… “Bell”… its cute.
    Have fun in Greece! xx

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