Weihnachts Zauber

Christmas Magic

Ok, yes the title is corny, but the last few days have been pretty magical…also that’s what it says on our Advent Calendar…

Anyways…the Christmas season has well and truly hit Munchen and Casa Bay/Carroll.  We’ve begun decorating with a garland here, twinkle lights there and soon a tree.  I’m streaming good ol’ KOST FM’s nonstop Christmas music, and getting into the baking groove.  We’ve done classic chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies.  Next up is some banana bread, goofballs and possibly Pfeffernüsse.  Of course, it’s really the white stuff outside that’s the most magical to us.  I do realize that in about two months I’m going to be sick and tired of my toes freezing solid.  However, as I write this,  I am mesmerized by the falling snow just outside my window.

PC and I took the mini out for a drive to visit TKMaxx (that’s the Euro version of TJMaxx).  PC scored big time.  Shopping for his…ahem…unique body type can be a frustrating and fruitless mission especially in Europe where sizing tends to be smaller.  Not so at TK.  PC left with two very sharp looking sweaters, and a €20 pair of Lucky Brand Jeans.  Cha-Ching. By the way, it freaks me out that a basic pair of Levi’s jeans in Europe will set you back about €110 (that’s about $145)

also just had to get these

A couple of days ago I got word that my work permit had been approved, so I was on to the residence permit portion of my quest.  I went down to the Landratsamt this morning with paperwork in tow, and miraculously left with a work and residence permit good through 2013.  Hopefully I’ll begin subbing at Munich International School very soon.  woot.

The Landratsamt

Of course, the Christmas markets are up and running here in Munich.  The stalls sell  things like glühwein, chocolate covered fruit and ornaments.  Touristy Marienplatz Christmas market is open everyday.  Unterhaching has it’s own Christmas market only open on weekends.

These are the new mascots for PC’s team.  Presumably they are griffins.  Having been a griffin once before in my life, I am pretty disappointed in this costume.  It appears that they attached cherub wings to a friendly lion costume.  Sorry, that is not a griffin.  A real griffin has the body of the king of the beasts (the lion), and the head and wings of the king of the birds (the eagle).  It is a fierce and mighty warrior.  God knows what these are. Ok I might be biased on account of my perfectly rational fear of mascots.  perfectly rational.

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