Baby, it’s pretty cold outside

No really the weather is pretty brisk.  I just wanted to give a quick update on the weekend.

After receiving both my residence and work permit, I had the last and easiest task left- get a tax card.  You figure that that most countries have the mindset of, “oh hey, you want to pay us some taxes, well come on down! No worries let’s do this”  And that proved to be true.  Without much of a look at my passport, work or residence permit I was given a card. However, I made a fatal error.  As I figured this would be a relaxed process, I rolled up in my workout attire.  Apparently I was looking rather butch because the man who helped me listed me as a Mr.  Awesome.  Those of you who have seen me in workout clothes may not be surprised by this, I was nonetheless indignant.  Tomorrow I’ll go fix the card…perhaps I’ll wear a dress…

We took a jaunt to the Christmas Markets for some Glühwein.  I’m not certain that my body is meant for the cold.  I prepared for the chilly evening wearing three pairs of socks, but halfway through the night my feet were so cold I was beginning to feel nauseous.  No other part of my body was cold, but my feet had transformed into blocks of ice.  I think I need electric warming socks.

I’ve also been baking up a storm.  First, banana bread then blueberry muffins (I used this recipe).  Of course leftover blueberries led to blueberry pancakes. And last, I just had to make some coconutty goofballs.  Next, I might take a break from baking and whip up some eggnog.

thanks for the recipe aunt nancy
a few were topped with cinnamon crumbs

With a huge win on Sunday, PC’s team was awarded a rare day off.  Into the city we ventured, but with cold, rainy weather I had a massive craving for a christmasy coffee beverage.  Starbucks delivered with one of the best holiday drinks I’ve ever had.  A massive lebkuchen latte to die for.  Lebkuchen is very similar to gingerbread.  It’s usually in the form of cake-like cookies that are spicy like gingerbread, but it also contains a zingy citrus note which makes it (unfortunately for my thighs) irresistible to my taste buds.   Anyways….back to the latte… it was literally Christmas in my mouth.  It beats the heck out of the ol’ gingerbread version I’m used to.

I love this time of year

3 thoughts on “Baby, it’s pretty cold outside

  1. I am so glad that you guys got a day together!!! All your baked goods looked so yummy 🙂 And I am sorry about the Mr. mix up… that guy most have come in high or something. I hope you are trying to stay warm… I guess Smartwool makes really warm socks- Jenille informed me of this. I am thinking of purchasing some, thought you may want to know. I am the same way… cold feet equals awful time. SO keep warm!

  2. Haha Mr. Bay. And umm your legs are sticks, so be quiet. I am so jealous you have all this time to bake. Have you found all of the american ingredients necessary for your creations? Also, I need your address STAT. (I’m practicing my nurse talk)

  3. um, let’s not even bring up unfortunate thighs. Candy Cane ice cream has been my nemesis/best friend this holiday season.

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