PC and I had the pleasure of hosting miss Taylor Needham the last few days.  Fresh off of finals at the Pepperdine study abroad program in Lausanne, Taylor stopped by before heading home for the holidays.

Oh! did I mention we got our Christmas Tree!  On Tuesday we marched down, bought a tree, decorated it and we’ve since been enjoying it’s fragrance  We’ve also received a gift or two to put under the tree until Christmas!

Figuring it out
Our First Tree!

On Wednesday Taylor arrived, and we went to PC’s home champion’s league game against Cannes. PC’s team won 3:1. The next day, in order to introduce her properly to Germany, we took Taylor to a very authentic all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.  Ok not very German, but very tasty…AND Taylor swiped a very patriotic fruit salad.

Then off we went to Christmas Markets in the freezing cold.  First, we took the train out to Theresienwiese.  This is where Oktoberfest takes place, but it also transforms into a massive Christmas market.  Despite the couple hundred people waiting/freezing patiently outside the gates, they waited until the exact strike of 2 to open up.  They offered a  myriad of hippie, handmade trinkets, but not much in the way of Christmas stuff.

The most Christmasy item at these also scared the bejesus out of me

We decided to head over to the Marienplatz markets.  We had some delicious chocolate covered fruit, bought some ornaments, and enjoyed a much needed hot latte at Starbucks.  Back home we relaxed with some glüwein in front of an episode of Top Chef.

Delicious shoko-früchte. raspberries and pineapple
the snow started getting serious
so viel schnee

On Friday, we got down with a real Bavarian meal at the Paulaner restaurant. Florian, PC’s teammate, helped us with recommendations, translations and cool facts about Bavaria.  We feasted on brezeln, weisswurst, gröstl, knödel, schweinebraten and of course Bier.


Weisswurst! Traditionally a breakfast sausage, there used to b a law against consuming it after 11 am

I know that PC and I had a great time with Taylor, and I hope we see her again soon. Also, if anyone of you feel the urge to come visit us, we would not be opposed.  Seriously, come on over.


One thought on “CHRISTMAS (need)HAM

  1. i love this post so much. but i especially wish it was me standing next to you in the picture titled “the snow started getting serious.” jake observed how cold it must have been in that picture by noting your red nose… he said “ebays nose is really red. i would even say it glows.” haha.

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