A rare moment:  A Bayern München home game that did not interfere with the volleyball schedule.  Christmas Miracle?…ok maybe not, but it was pretty cool.  PC, PC’s teammate Denis and I attended the Bayern München vs. St. Pauli 3-0 smackdown on Saturday.

PC and Denis

Walking up to Allianz Arena after the U-bahn ride.  It’s quite amazing how they run the trains.  They arrive at stations about 2 minutes apart with perfect timing, and then you get  crammed in like sardines.  It’s amazing how easily they can transport 70,000 people to a game.  I would have had no complaints about the cramped ride if not for an inconsiderate and flatulent fellow rider.  Seriously, sir or ma’am, whoever you are,  isn’t there an unwritten rule about gas passing in winter on a crowded train?

Apparently, the games here are attended by more upper-middle class sorts, so you don’t see the same kinds of well, hooliganism that you might see elsewhere.  Although, another reason may be that sport etiquette is cultural and unique everywhere you go.  Whatever the case, nobody started a fire or tried to throw crap on the field.  I liked that.

This is a little video of the penalty kick, and the super fan section of the stadium.  My favorite part is the little kid, keenly aware that I’m filming and excited to ham it up.

I love how they light the stadium red.

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