Reindeer Games

Just a recap of some fun schtuff we’ve been doing.

After arriving home from an away game at about 5am Sunday morning, PC  was mercifully given the next day off.   Both of us have been battling colds, but we mustered some energy and drove to Salzburg, Austria.  Many of you may know that the old Von Trapp (Sound of Music) house is there.  We didn’t visit the house, but we did walk around a little bit until the chilly weather forced us inside to enjoy a massive apple brezel and cappucinos.

beautiful but cold

PC’s team got some tickets to a division 2 Bundesliga basketball game between Bayern München and Paderborn.  The atmosphere was surprisingly fun and spirited.

We’ve also had some very special deliveries here at Casa Bay/Carroll.  Some Christmas cards and thoughtful gifts have found their way to us from family and friends.  I would be lying if I said that squeals and other high pitched noises were not made.  Now I want to stress that it’s not because of the gifts themselves.  Everyone knows that Christmas isn’t about the gifts (although they are a nice perk).

Christmas is about feelings.  From the feelings of anticipation as you countdown the days, the feelings of awkwardness that often arise from family gatherings, and even the ol’ tipsy feeling after too much eggnog.  Of course, the one that is most illustrative of the holiday season is the most nebulous.  For me, it’s a great amalgamation of love, happiness, hope and acceptance.  The kind of feeling that makes you want to laugh, cry and smile simultaneously. Whatever you call that.  Anyways, being remembered by your friends and family, even when you are far away elicits this feeling.  We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Awesome stuff from home. I have missed American Cosmo with its shameless and hilarious articles. German Cosmo is too serious.

So after all that excitement it was time to bake.  PC and I teamed up to make shortbreads two ways.  I used this recipe, but split the dough in half.  For one half, I made jam thumbprint cookies as the recipe intended.  For the second half, we baked up little rounds of shortbread, dipped them in white and dark chocolate and then rolled them in peppermint candy.

Jam and coconut yum
One of Santa's Elves

You’ll notice that our rolling pin was an empty wine bottle, and our cookie cutter was the cap for our cinnamon.

not pretty, but very tasty

I hope all of your Christmas preparations are nearly done, and your stress levels are nothing a viewing of Elf can’t alleviate.

4 thoughts on “Reindeer Games

  1. love all your baking! i made 15 caramel apples for the powers family…an absolute nightmare! they looked hideous…but they tasted awesome!
    missin you and paul around here!

  2. those treats look so yummy! how are you guys spending Christmas? We are going to a hotel for a big dinner and music 🙂

    Miss you both!

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