Guest Post: PC

It is high time to offer a different perspective here at CasaIncognita, so please welcome our guest poster the one, the only: PC.  ~erin

So Erin has been doing an amazing job at describing our experiences here in Unterhaching Germany.  I thought that I would talk about some recent experiences with Generali Haching specifically in Champions League.

The team celebrating

Last night we had a home Champions League match against Russian team Zenit Kazan. They arrived into Munich on their private jet on Tuesday and I imagine ‘Like a G6’ was pumping. They are the richest Volleyball Club in the world with a payroll over $10 million, and their setter (Lloy Ball) reportedly making more than our entire team combined.  We were the underdogs going into the match and ended up losing 2-3.  We had a sold out home crowd which created a great atmosphere.  Even though it was a good result for us we were still very disappointed to lose.

Attacking against Kazan

The system in Champions League Volleyball is that if a match goes to 5 sets the winning team is awarded 2 tournament points and the losing team 1  point.  This one point guarantees us 2nd in our pool and a ticket to the next round.  The entire match can be watched here.  Our only remaining pool match is next week where we head to Bulgaria to play against Sofia.

Team W L Points
RUS Zenit KAZAN 4 1 12
GER Generali Haching 3 2 10


Erin spotted a fan of mine in the crowd

Overall I am happy with how our season is going.  Our overall record is 16-3, two of the losses against Kazan and one against SCC Berlin in Bundesliga action.  Our biggest and most emotional win of the season so far was against Friedrichshafen our perpetually dominant German rival.  We were down 2-1 and 24-22 in the 4th set and came back to win.


Here is a shot demonstrating the serious hops of Denis Kaliberda

I have been having pain in my hitting shoulder which has been an ongoing frustration for a few years now.  I am able to manage the shoulder by doing exercises and getting physio.  I had an hour long physio session today which will certainly help me get through trainings and the 2 matches we have in the next few days.  Managing my shoulder has been especially difficult because we have had two matches a week since the beginning of November.

I am very happy that our last three matches have been at home.  This has allowed me to spend a lot of time with Erin through the holiday season, and it has been amazing.  Even with only 2 days off since the 24th.

Hopefully Erin will allow me back, maybe I could become a monthly guest poster.

Bis Später

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: PC

  1. It was fun to hear from you Paul… I love your ‘like a G6’ comment. It’s probably true. Keep up the good work there in Germany and keep your shoulder healthy 🙂

  2. I love that your pump up/intro music is “Jump!” by Van Halen! You’ve hit the big time, Paul – You have a fan who idolizes you and wears your jersey! Fantastic! Lloy Ball is 38 and STILL making a great living as a professional – that’s GOT to be encouraging! Shout out to the USA! I love that one of your starters is named Kmet(helluva rock radio station back in the day in LA:) So yeah, ungodly hops on Denis – WOW! BTW, who the hell actually gave Zenit Kazan a loss?! Great to watch you play, Paul, and get your professional update. Good luck!

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