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I was pretty excited that PC graced us all with the guest post.  Hopefully he’ll return each month (as long as I nag him about it) to present us with some insight on the volleyball side of things.


I have puppy fever.  It’s serious people.  This is going to be about puppies. If you don’t like seeing pictures of puppies, you are probably a bad person.  Leave now.

I had the pleasure of spending a day with some amazing dogs and their amazing owner, Lisa.  Lisa is the girlfriend of Florian, one of PC’s teammates.  Her doggies Debbie and Gordy are the sweetest, most well behaved, most playful pups.  Debbie is a 6 year old Airedale terrier, and Gordy is a very young border collie who loves following Debbie around. Watching them play, I couldn’t help but imagine what they might say, if they had speech capabilities.  I blame the film Up.  Since seeing that movie, I imagine every dog I see to speak exactly like Dug.  If you do not understand this reference, I’m not sure we can be friends.

"Hello we're friends and we love doing tricks. Can we do some tricks now?"
"I love this trick, and I love you"
"Oh this is the best part...Waahoooo"

Now for a short video of the pups.   A little obedience, a little bit of play.  Gordy is hilarious for two reasons.  1) You can tell he’s still learning the obedience drills, but he’s just so excited to play.  2) Lisa throws a toy for them to chase down.  Gordy delights not in running after the toy, but in running after Debbie.  Even though Gordy is often faster, he will slow down so that Debbie gets the toy, and then happily chase after her.

Now tell me that watching puppies in the snow didn’t brighten your day.


I want spring/summer/thebeach

I know that the snow is lovely.  Also, my body seems to have adjusted to the temperature.  However,  I’ve had a serious hankering for one of those endless summer days when you can wear a flowy skirt and grill outside until 9pm.  Perhaps it’s the post holiday, January blues.  Perhaps its the unstoppable influx of spring/summer catalogs from my favorite retailers.  Whatever the case.  I just want to look like her and grill up some carne asada.

Damn You Anthropologie {shakes fist}


ok the winter is beautiful though

3 thoughts on “3 thoughts

  1. We totally got puppy fever about a month ago. We went to the pet shop to buy Brett and Brook’s new dog a toy and we ended spending an hour in there getting educated on the best dog for us. I love boxers and there was one there and the lady said it’s a great family dog. I loved the dog… I even named him Tiger (he had tiger looking stripes on him). I went as far as giving the lady my name and number just in case any one came in to look at the dog. I wish Jonathan and I were impulsive people because we would have bought the dog.
    We still love dogs but enjoy playing with our friend’s dog and then going home with no worries. Also, when we were traveling we were talking about how much effort it must take to travel with an animal, I mean it’s like a child. So, I think if you are thinking about having a child a dog is a good step in that direction, if not maybe just wait a little. And you always have those cute dogs to play with and watch when the owners are gone. Pretty much I am being selfish because I want you guys to have no worries when travel together 🙂 One can dream.. right?

  2. OK the puppies are adorable, and watching them follow commands is awesome, but your giggling and cooing uncontrollably in the background sound is my favorite part:)
    The winter shots are magical and beautimous, but you’re right – nothing beats an endless warm summer afternoon with an 8:45 sunset, margaritas and grilling!
    Miss you a bunch – hope Mom’s socks are keeping your feeties toasty!

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