Work and Things

I’m officially a substitute teacher for Munich International School in Starnberg, and thus far my experience has been excellent.  When I received my first call, I was both thrilled and extraordinarily nervous.  Beyond the usual worries of finding your way around, delivering the lesson, and generally preventing chaos, I was worried about simply arriving at school.  The school is about 35 minutes drive from our place, and with my still shaky manual skills I was a bit nervous about the journey.  When I finally parked at my destination, I heaved a pretty enormous sigh of relief.  Then I realized I still had to work.

Luckily, the day went smoothly.  The instructional language is English, but in the halls you’ll hear about 50% English, 45% German and 5% other i.e. Japanese, Spanish etc.  On the whole, the students were helpful and well behaved.  I have worked 2 days so far, and I’m hopeful for more.

The picture below shows off my schedule, as well as one of my Christmas presents.  I was particularly happy to receive this beautiful watch after an unfortunate experience of subbing in Australia.  Here’s the story: Without a clock in the classroom at the end of the day, I brought out my cell phone to keep track of the last five minutes.  I put it down on my desk.  With two minutes left, the students attempted a  jailbreak which required me to block the door (seriously they were reaching around me trying to open it), and demand that they clean up the classroom and wait until the bell.    Bell rang, door was opened, students exploded out, walked back to my desk, phone was gone.  Aussie thieves.  I am now equipped with a snazzy timekeeper more resistant to purloining.

After my first day, I figured I could reward myself with a treat.  Lindt, you have my heart.  I have been savoring every square of their Mango & Cayenne dark chocolate.  You get the sweet tangy mango, enveloped in the velvety, rich chocolate and all of sudden the heat of the cayenne settles in.  Oh heavens.

The week was also spent running around trying to break through the various paperwork snafus, and catch-22’s preventing me from beginning work at another school.  I’m cautiously hopeful that my paperwork will be finalized this coming week.  Additionally, I schlepped my behind to the Munich customs office to collect a present I had gotten PC for Christmas.  Mind you, the present was shipped from the US on Dec. 19th.  Apparently, since arriving in Germany it had been detained in customs.  Finally, this past week I was allowed to come down, pay some taxes and bring the well overdue present home.

The kicker: the present was a pair of boots.  The boots are too big.  Merry Christmas.

Switching gears…

This is what happens when PC is in charge of dessert.

Lindt squares, mint slices and gummi berries

On Saturday evening, PC and I had a nice date in the city.  We picked up some new books to devour, then dined a Mexican restaurant called Milagros.  Apparently, the restaurant is the creation of some Californian expats who missed authentic Mexican in Germany.  I heard that the family recruits chefs from Mexico city, but I really can’t confirm that.  PC and I both ordered burritos.  While delicious, we were both a little disappointed in the seasoning and portion size.  I guess we both still miss the small infant sized burritos from the likes of La Salsa and Chipotle.

the beverages didn't disappoint

On the way home, PC did some modeling near the S-bahn.

7 thoughts on “Work and Things

  1. Erin I’m so thrilled for you that your ‘teaching’ in Munchen went so ‘gut’!
    Ganz tolles Weihnacht’s Gechenk.ein neues Uhr!
    I can’t imagine that Paul’s boots are too big..
    Very handsome man near the S-Bahn, has an Italian expression on his face!

  2. Erin, the phone story still breaks our heart, but then again we are a continent descended from convicts, some habits are hard to break.

  3. I am so glad that you have been able to start work! And I love the watch… score!!! And Paul’s dessert was hilarious. I miss Mexican food; I know you said it was not stellar but there is nothing here like that. I think I know what I am going to make for dinner… thanks 🙂 Miss you guys… I hope you have a wonderful week and I would love to chat on skype soon!


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