Apologies and Things

I must apologize. I have no pictures for you.  It’s sort of a cardinal sin of blogging, but I couldn’t help it.  I’ve been working all week, and as you may know, taking pictures at a school is a difficult mission given legality issues…and the general creep factor you project when cameras and kids are involved.

Given my photographic limitations, I have only words.  I know that nothing’s worse than clicking onto a blog and seeing a solid page of writing.  Unless I was searching Google Scholar, it’s unacceptable.  So please forgive me.  I will do better in the future. Today I wanted to go over some mental musings.

1) Work Clothes

Am I just lame, or does anyone else find it difficult to dress for work appropriately? As a  young female teacher, it is imperative to present a mature, professional image.  Not only the school staff, but the students need to perceive you as older, wiser and not to be trifled with. Women must strike a delicate balance between professional and dowdy. It’s not the same for men.  Every man, regardless of age can throw on slacks, a button down and a tie and blammo they are good to go.  In basic slacks and a button-down I start down the  stuffy schoolmarm path.  However, if I try to dress a little trendy I run the risk of being confused for a student, or looking slightly inappropriate (i.e. tight clothes, revealing necklines).   Even my hair is an issue. It’s so easy to wrap my hair up into a bun, but I know this is pretty quintessential ‘marm.  Sorry, but it’s out of my face, looks more professional than a ponytail and it’s easy. I suppose I could get up a little earlier in the morning to tame the beast up there. Must think on that.  Must find a ‘work-style’ blog. Oh sartorial woes…tough life right?

2) Technology at MIS

Students at MIS each get a Macbook.  Having previously observed students abusing their privilege to  gifted laptops (interesting idea New South Wales), I was immediately on high alert to thwart any internet tomfoolery at MIS.  However, my vigilance largely been futile.  Yes, the occasional student ventures onto a frivolous web page, but by and large those kids are actually completing their classwork.  I am continually impressed by the integration of technology at this school.  Nearly every lesson I’ve covered involved use of the laptops, along with an internet component.  Lessons, resources and materials for each class are online for student access.  Classrooms are well equipped with data projectors, smart boards, elmo’s and laptop hookups.  The ease of technology inclusion feels natural, and I’m still amazed at the lack of student abuse. I’m left wondering what’s special about MIS that allows this system to function so well.  Affluence? Academic rigor/expectations? Firm discipline structures? To be determined…must investigate further.

3) German Brownie Mix

I wanted brownies.  Hoping to find a cheap and delicious brownie mix, I trustingly purchased a RUF (German brand) box the other day.  Dearie me.  What I got were sad approximations of the thick, fudgy American brownies I’m used to.  They were thin, they were cake-like, they were downright insipid.

Note to self: Must spring for the expensive Betty Crocker mix in the ‘USA’ section next time- it’s worth it. ( I suppose I could make them from scratch too…ugh I’m lazy)

Addendum: Also purchase ice cream. Mmmmm brownies a la mode….

3 thoughts on “Apologies and Things

  1. Finding the balance on work clothes can be tough. I think accessories can help. I always had the line of thinking that I still want to be myself and have a sense of style, so I would mix one generic piece of ‘work clothing’ with one piece from my ‘outside of work wardrobe.’ I, personally, don’t have any crazy going out outfits so this rule seemed to work for me and always kept me feeling like I wasn’t 20-something going on 70-something.

    When it comes to the brownie mix… we feel ya. We have tried to go with the generic brands on a few random things, and have realized it’s just not worth saving a few Euros. I bought the cheaper brand of body lotion… it was like a bottle of water that someone put a tablespoon of real lotion in. So next time we bought Vaseline brand… lesson learned.

    I am so glad things are going well in the classroom. And I don’t mind the lack of pics 🙂

  2. I am so glad someone finally broached the dress-for-work subject! If only I could have back the hours I’ve spent standing in front of the closet agonizing over which shirt goes with which pants goes with which belt. And don’t even get me started on shoes!

    Considering the abundance of technologies used in education these days, it’s amazing I got any education at all. Can you imagine having to read actual books? And going to the library to do research? And typing on a typewriter for heaven’s sake? Do you even know what carbon paper & correction paper is? We suffered in school & we LIKED it!

  3. Oh my goodness i know exactly how you feel about looking professional yet not frumpy or too trendy. I’m starting my first real bunch of observations/assisting/student teaching this semester and i’m pretty sure I will need to go out and get better shoes/shirts/pants. It’s especially difficult for me because i look like a 16 year old playing dress up when i put on nicer clothing, but i look like a high schooler when i dont wear “professional” clothing. I also must master the art of looking professional, but being functional since i will be working with the super youngins, i have to be able to bend and crouch and sit and move and be comfortable while doing it, yet still remain professional and make sure they know I am the “responsible adult” and teaching assistant. Anywho long story short, i feel you sentiments!

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