Not My Day

Mmmm Meat Pies; What Katie Ate

Ok, I know I’m not Australian.  I know it’s not my holiday.  However, I love the place, I love the people and I think the country could use a little extra love after the horrific flooding.

For a little historical background on this day:

Australia Day celebrates the January 26, 1788 landing of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain.  These first fleet-ers set up their colony in Sydney under the governorship of Captain Arthur Phillip, and immediately began throwing shrimp on the barbie (or so I’ve read).

At any rate, I keep finding myself daydreaming about a hot summer’s day complete with meat pies, pavlova and all manner of bbq delciousness.  I was particularly engrossed in this fantasy yesterday as my 35 minute commute turned into a 1.5 hour crawl through the snow.  Luckily, I had these beautiful photos of an Australia Day celebration in my head from ‘What Katie Ate’, a brilliant food photography blog.

Lamb? Yes please; What Katie Ate
Pavlovas & Passionfruit; What Katie Ate

My Antipodean preoccupation has not ended with food and holidays.  The bare walls in our apartment are simply begging to be adorned with this art print.

I want, I want, I want  ; Rockett St. George

Snow continues to fall, but all is not dreary here.  With several exciting events on the horizon, I’ve other things to daydream and obsess over.  I’ll fill you in soon.  In the meantime, I hope you all are keeping the winter blues at bay (obviously not applicable if you are one of those lucky people who get to celebrate the aforementioned holiday…grrrr).

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