Here’s the top stories of the week for Casa Bay/Carroll:

1) A new washing machine has arrived

No really, this is extremely exciting.  You have no idea how terrible our old washer was.  I think it was previously owned by Satan.  It didn’t spin/agitate.  This meant:  a) our clothes were not washed properly/not cleaned at all and b) clothes came out sopping wet which meant you would spend half an hour ringing out enough water to fill up the bath tub( this is no joke).  Then, the clothes would take double the amount of time to dry on the rack, thus inviting a chance of mildew etc.   As doing laundry increasingly filled my head with violent thoughts, I began completing the chore less and less.


PC took out the old one, popped in the shiny, new one and all was right with the world.  No more shall I allow the laundry basket to overflow.


2. We made  really good meat pies for Australia Day

I am mainly noting this because they were a success, and many of my recent baking/cooking escapades have been hideous failures…and perhaps I aim to entice those of you who have never had an Aussie meat pie.

Pretty Tasty.  recipe here.  do it. you know you want to.

3) My Grandma is Coming to Bavaria

Yahoooo! My grandma who is generally all-that, just booked her ticket to come visit PC and I at the end of February.  We are both pretty excited, and have already begun planning activities.

My sister and My Grandma. Beauties Both

4) I’m spoiling myself with a couple trips

This coming weekend, I’m going to be jetting over to Poland.  I have been dying to visit for some time due to my history nerd curiosity, but there are other reasons for this trip.   PC’s team has 2  upcoming Champion’s League clashes against Jastrzebski Wegiel, a Polish team.  The first match is to be played here in Unterhaching on Wednesday.  The second will be played in Zory, Poland next Tuesday.  Oh, and did I mention that two Australian guys, Igor Yudin and Ben Hardy, play for the Polish team?  Therefore, come Sunday I will be encroaching upon the home of Igor and his wonderful girlfriend Karolina in Zory.  Karolina and I met over the summer in Canberra becoming quick gym and grocery shopping buddies, as well as bonding over the whole “gf of a volleyball player” thing.  I can’t wait to catch up with friends, visit a beautiful country and watch a heckuva volleyball match.

And if that wasn’t enough, the weekend following Poland I’m headed to…Berlin!

PC’s team is playing an important match in Berlin.  Perfect opportunity.  One of the other girlfriends on the team suggested we make the trip up as her brother lives in the city.  Very little arm twisting was necessary on this one.  How can I pass up a chance to see a city that offers glimpses of Nazi terror, Socialist decay and cultural rebirth? Yeah. impossible.

Besides all of that fun stuff, work is extremely enjoyable, I get to order my bridesmaid dress and shoes soon and I found a radio station I actually like.  Not much to complain about here. Episode two of guest poster PC should be comin’ at you later this week, so get excited.

5 thoughts on “News

  1. Erin, I will try your meatpie recipe, I’m sure it will taste better than the pie we had in
    Tuggerah !
    Make sure the boys wash their own clothes….
    Enjoy your trips, Gute Reise !

  2. That looks like about a 15″ screen on the new appliance. Is it High Def? Mine sounds like the Tasmanian Devil during the spin cycle.

    Good luck on the V-ball games & “Go Grandma!”

  3. I am soooo jealous of your “fancy” new washer! There is nothing grosser than that mildew stench that hides in blue jeans when you hang dry them!

  4. Yay! I love clean clothes, I love your grandma, the meat pies look delicious, and I already ordered my dress. Bam. Wish I could come on those trips with you… Finally messaging you tonight!

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