Guest Post PC Zwei

There has been an influx of Australians visiting Unterhaching in the past week.  On wednesday, fellow Australian players Ben Hardy and Igor Yudin came with their Polish team Jstrzebski for a Top 12 Champions League matchup against us.  I was very pumped up to play against my Australian team mates but thankfully I wasn’t overly excited and didn’t blow the match.  We won 3:1 (25:22, 25:20, 20:25, 25:19).   The match can be watched here.

Attacking against Hardy
Overly Excited?

After the match I received a call from Australian setter Shane Alexander from Hooters in Frankfurt.  He has been playing in Eqypt since October and was flown to Frankfurt by the Australian Government until the protests finish.  He caught the overnight train here to take refuge in our apartment.

At Hofbrauhaus in Munich

Shane is seen here sporting some Generali cold weather clothing from my wardrobe with warm clothing not being a necessity in Egypt.  Although according to Shane some one of his team mates showed up to training one day in a jacket, beanie and gloves.  Apparently he wanted to be part of the winter fashion in the 25°C (80°F) Cairo weather.  Shane’s team mates (12 of whom are named Mohammed) have been protesting during the day and policing the streets by night.

Shane's Team Manager Protesting
Helmet sponsored by Shane's lunch

Hopefully President Mubarak steps down soon and the country returns to normality.  In the meantime Shane will be drinking Weissbier and eating Bratwurst in Germany.

My early Birthday present to Erin

On February 8th Erin will be spending her birthday watching Haching play our second match against Jstrzebski.  Erin is very excited to be going to Poland and is leaving early tomorrow morning.  She will be staying with Australian Jstrzebski player Igor and his girlfriend Karolina.

I have a home Bundesliga match tomorrow night before leaving for Poland on Monday morning to play against Jstrzebski on Tuesday night.  Between the match tomorrow evening and our departure the next morning we are having a Super Bowl party at teammate Denis Kaliberda’s house.  Today he bought 4 kg of Chicken Wings for 5 of us watching the game 🙂

4 thoughts on “Guest Post PC Zwei

  1. Very interesting post Paul !
    I heard that Shane speaks German, will he be teaching you and Erin German ?
    Good to hear that you are looking after each other !
    Erin have fun in Poland, we will try to spot you in the crowd watching the game,
    maybe you can wear your birthday hat ?

  2. i love your guest posts! i will be making chicken wings for our super bowl festivities. glad that your teammate was able to take refuge with you guys.

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