3 things


Our refugee came back! Shane, the Australian teammate, returned to us for a few days before he heads back to a more stable (hopefully) Egypt.  Joining him for a bit of sightseeing we toured some churches, braved the Saturday crowds and saw a dead saint.  Apparently, Munich is said to have the most relics of any city outside of Rome.  The Pope rewarded Munich as a Catholic stronghold during a time of Protestant threat.

Just a bedazzled skeleton, no big deal.


I had a little hiccup with my bank.  Back in November I had opened up a bank account.  Since I was unemployed until January, I hadn’t used it.  However, with the job and a payday due I decided to go in and set up online banking.  As I was speaking to the bank employee, she informed me that my account had been closed…the day before.  She told me that I had received numerous letters from the bank (which I hadn’t), and that it would be closed due to inactivity.  She then took my card, and told me I needed to find a new bank as I would not be able to open a new account there.  awesome.  To add to the fun, I still had no idea if I had been paid yet, but I knew that it should have been around this time.  In speaking with the school, I found out that I had been paid…THE SAME DAY THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT.  love it.  The school said that the money had not bounced back, so I had to track it down.


Back to the bank I traveled.  They searched and lo and behold my money was hanging out in my defunct account.  How did the stupid bank not alert me to this when they took my card and told me my account was closed?  Ridiculous. So when the girl asked me “Would you like us to pay it out to you now?” it was incredibly difficult to keep from sneering, “no, I’d like you to hang on to it for me in an account I can’t access, and  just pay it to me when it’s convenient for you”.  I opted for a “yes, please” instead.  I got the money out, and found a new bank. Problem Solved.


So far, I’m doing pretty well with one of my new year’s resolutions: reading.  My goal for 2011 is 50 books, and so far I’ve finished seven.  All seven have been very enjoyable except for one:  Wuthering Heights, blech.  Not. A. Fan.


4 thoughts on “3 things

  1. I ma sorry about your bank troubles. I think that is the same bank Jonathan used last year… I just remember because I thought the bank name was cool to say. I love your book resolution. Being here… I have read 8 or 9 books. Do you know what would be great… a Kindle. I was super anti for a long time, thinking about how I like a real book but it is so convenient, you can download the books from any where onto your Kindle, and they are cheaper. Just a thought. I would wait to you get back to the States thought, because they are pretty expensive over seas. Now I know who to ask when I want my next book recommendation 🙂

    I hope things are going well! Skype soon?

  2. What a ridicul0us treatment did you Recieve at the Sparkasse !
    The person who served you at Sparkasse is THE PROBLEM, she has no customer service skills and is not worth talking to !
    If you feel like airing your feelings, you could make a complaint about the way you were served (NOT SERVED !!)by this insensitive person to the management of Sparkasse.
    Erin, you decided to read roughly a book a week, if you work and have less time you will have to read some thinner books! Maybe some German children books !

    I hope things are settling in Egypt for Shane !

  3. The movie is even worse of Wuthering Heights! Blech squared. I do recommend reading “Goodbye Mr. Chips” It is the story of a teacher at a school for boys.
    It is one of those live in deals like a Cambridge, only for boys until the age of 18. It covers 60 years of his teaching service! Really enjoyed it!

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