Gma Adventure Begins…

My grandma arrived in Munich on Tuesday, and despite the onset of a cold, she has been a trooper.  Apart from showing her a bit of our daily life in Unterhaching, we ventured into the city for some sightseeing.  Of course, beginning in Marienplatz is requisite for any Munich trip.

While it’s been chilly here, the sun gods have been generous.  During our tour of the city we visited the big landmark of the city, Frauenkirche.  It’s the church with the distinctive twin onion domes.  Thought it is Munich’s cathredral and the seat of the archbishop (yeah this is where Pope Benedict used to hang out before he was Pope), the church lacks the grandeur one usually associates with Gothic cathedrals.  Frauenkirche’s more austere appearance is somewhat appropriate for a city nearly destroyed at the close of WWII.

Viktualienmarkt, the smell of krustenbraten and beer in the air

After Frauenkirche, we walked along stopping into Alois Dallmayr, a luxury delicatessen which provided exotic and delicious foodstuffs to the old royals in Munich.  We then visited Old St. Peter’s Church, and capped off the day with a nice stroll through the Viktualienmarkt.

Of course, a taste of the local cuisine was necessary.  We feasted on wiener schnitzel, schweinshaxe and schweinebraten. Yum.

It’s been fun observing life here through the eyes of another.  Stuff that we’ve become used to like bagging our own groceries, classy McDonald’s, and the general lack of streetlights are fun to discuss once again.  Tomorrow we’re off to battle the Saturday crowds and explore some more of the city.

3 thoughts on “Gma Adventure Begins…

  1. I like it when you call Nancy a real trooper ! She looks well prepared for the cold weather, her lovely white jacket stands apart from the crowd in the background at
    the Viktualienmarkt (dressed predominantly in dark clothing)
    I notice you both have a beer with your meal, nice size, are you going to introduce
    Nancy to a German Gluwine ?

  2. At first I thought the church had a cool pattern on the roof, but alas it’s only a screen effect.
    What are the yellow balls? Look like lemons.

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