The Good and the Bad

My Grandma’s visit has ended.  Fighting illness and jet lag through the duration of her trip, I hope that her memory of Munich will also include some of the good moments we had.

Saturday saw the three of us at Dachau contemplating the very first concentration camp, and the spread of systematized terror under the Nazis.  On Sunday, we watched PC’s team whallop Gotha, and PC picked up the MVP award.  Along with the honour, PC was the lucky recipient of a beer vessel which can easily contain 6-7 brews.  Obnoxious.  Unfortunately, this was one of the days that Grandma felt the worst, but she stuck it out and even managed a smile after the match.

smiling through the pain

The next morning, we enjoyed the best Weisswurst breakfast in all of Munich.  (sorry no pics).  Tuesday brought a bit of retail therapy, and Wednesday offered a look at Bavarian royalty in a trip to Schloss Nymphenburg.

Schloss Nymphenburg

Despite the sunshine, freezing wind ensured that we stayed inside.  A leisurely and delicious lunch in the garden cafe preceded a short tour of the inside of the Schloss.

Reminiscent of the Orangery in Kensington

The Baroque styled palace offered opulence, hot chicks and Mozart even played there.

The Festival Hall

So…no, things weren’t perfect, but on any trip you have to expect a few hiccups. While we may have missed a few historical sites, it was fun to show my grandma our everyday life here.

When I cease my musings on life in Europe, I try to remain abreast of life back home.  I normally prefer to keep the blog free of any political discussions, but I couldn’t help myself this time. I hope you’ll forgive/indulge me.  I am biased. I am a teacher. I come from a family of teachers. My friends are teachers.  I am disgusted and depressed with the economic and political situation, which increasingly devalues education and educators in America.  I am particularly alarmed by the events transpiring in Wisconsin, Ohio and Rhode Island.  In my confusion, I turn to the Daily Show to shed some light on the situation.  If you’re interested Here’s a clip from Thursday’s show, though I recommend watching all of the Crisis in Dairyland videos.

Not to end on a gloomy note, PC’s team will battle Friedrichshafen in the DVV-Pokalfinale on Sunday.  I’ll be road tripping up to Halle with some of the other girlfriends tomorrow, and I’m already feeling nervous/excited for the match.  Next week we can look forward to the results of that match PLUS a PC guest post!

Have a Lovely Weekend

p.s. Spring, anytime you want to show up you are more than welcome

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