Guest Post PC 3: The German Cup Final

We defeated VfB Friedrichshafen 3-2 (20-18 in the 5th) in the Pokalfinale in front of 10,000 people on Sunday.  It was an amazing experience, and the match could have gone either way.  We won the first and second sets, but then Vfb won the third and fourth.  We started poorly in the 5th set and found ourselves down 4-8 when we changed ends.  We fought back to 11-11.  They had two match points before we were able to pull out the victory on our third match point.

So I guess that I always do this after big points.

The atmosphere in the stadium was electric, and I will never forget what it felt like when we won that last point.  Highlights of the match can be seen here and the last few points can be seen here.

I played well enough to get MVP 🙂

Four bus loads of Haching fans took the 7 hour trip up to Halle (a neutral site) from Munich, they made up a small part of the crowd, but were very loud throughout the match.  It was great to have that support.  Erin had traveled up the day before with some of the other girlfriends.

Thanking the fans

Fellow Pepperdine Alumni Fred Winters plays for Friedrichshafen.  On Sunday he was especially dominant in the sets they won.  It was a strange feeling when he directly hit over my block, luckily our middle were able to block him a few times.

Next week we travel to Friedrichshafen to play them again.  The outcome of this match will basically decide who will win the regular season, and get home court advantage throughout the playoffs.

Tonight back in Unterhaching we went out for all you can eat ribs; they were delicious but the service was sub-par.  There is nothing worse than waiting 15 minutes for your drink when you are in the midst of a third plate of ribs.

7 thoughts on “Guest Post PC 3: The German Cup Final

  1. I just got a chance to watch the highlights and the last few points -so awesome! What a rush playing in front of 10,000 people, and then pulling out a dramatic victory! Fantastic up by you, Paul, on the final point! It’s brilliant to see you excel at such a high level in the biggest professional game of your career so far!

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