Can’t Always Get What You Want

With Carnival now behind us, Lent and the Easter season has arrived.  That means Easter baskets and Easter candy.  Some people love the Reese’s peanut butter eggs, for others it’s the classic marshmallow Peeps.  As for me I dream, I salivate, I lust for Cadbury Creme Eggs.  oh gosh. While I normally turn up my nose to milk chocolate, this is a massive exception.  Now I know some people (possibly insane) dislike this treat, but I’ll tell you why I love it.  You unwrap the foil, bite through that smooth chocolate shell, and you are confronted by the sweet, gooey fondant creme.  And c’mon the cheeky yellow food colouring yolk?  Perfection.

Here in Munich, the östern candy is out and about, but alas no cadbury creme eggs have yet been spotted. Instead I encountered something promising:

What is this new devilry?

It’s a Milka creation promising a milk creme filling.  Upon first inspection the purple egg carton packaging is adorable, and the prospect that a spoon is necessary to enjoy this egg’s contents had my expectations high.

The eggs are slightly larger than the Cadbury counterparts.  Size isn’t necessarily a plus for me as I normally consume one Cadbury egg in halves.  Roommates have relentlessly teased me about the pitiful halves of creme egg I save in the fridge for later savorings.

I broke the top off of the egg as suggested and….no ooey no gooey just a stiff, white paste.  The taste: NOT EVEN CLOSE.  Ugh. I’m sorry Milka, but the super-sweet dairy flavor of your filling left me scrunching up my nose, and binning the remainder of the egg. Next week I will hunt down my precious Cadbury eggs one small British grocer at a time.

So how bout you guys? Favorite Easter Candy? Least Favorite?

My least favorite have to be those Whopper Robin’s Eggs.  It doesn’t add up. I love malts, I love chocolate malted crunch ice cream, but chocolate covered malt balls…pass.

On another note, how was I not aware that See’s candy has St. Patrick’s Day goodies?  Have a look at these divinity potatoes.  gimme gimme.

5 thoughts on “Can’t Always Get What You Want

  1. Your ode to the Cadbury Egg is brilliant and on the money! I seem to remember myself “nicking” someone’s egg on a distant past camping trip. I know – a proud moment 🙂
    I guffawed at the divinity potatoes – genius! I must second ANY malted milk product.
    BTW nice LOTR quote on the “new devilry”

  2. Don’t understand the problem with the Whopper eggs, they sound tasty to me.
    I like the packaging with the spoon included but how about this: Little chocolate coconuts filled with sweet milk, and they include a tiny straw!

  3. ew, i’m one of the “insanes” who is just not into the Cadbury egg. And don’t even get me started on the travesty known as Peeps. My favorite Easter candy at this point is a nerds rope decorated in Easter colors.

  4. I was unaware of the St. Patrick’s day candies also! And I love Milka, but that egg looks very disappointing.

    Maybe you will be receiving an Easter package in the mail…:)

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