Schweizer Saturday

I was here yesterday:

PC’s team had a big match against Friedrichshafen, so me and a few of the girlfriends drove down early Saturday to make a day of it.  We took a catamaran across the sea to Konstanz which sits right on the border between Germany and Switzerland.  Allied bombers spared Konstanz during the war as it was impossible to distinguish it from the Swiss (remember neutral) city of Kreuzlingen.  In appears on foot, as well as in the air as one city.  This means that this old city (we’re talking A.D. people) has been kept miraculously intact.

The Border

Switzerland is notoriously expensive, so it is quite common for Swiss residents to come on over to the German side for a bite to eat, and a stroll through the shops.  We enjoyed some potato pancakes, and purchased some Swiss chocolate.


Back over in Friedrichshafen, the result of the match wasn’t what we had hoped for, but the atmosphere was spirited.

Note the Zeppelin

There were even some scantily clad cheerleaders. I like the elbow length gloves…cuz they are fancy cheerleaders.

We Cheer Too

One thought on “Schweizer Saturday

  1. I love the lovely smiles of the three cheerleading girls in the last photo !
    Konstanz looks like a nice place to visit.

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