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At school today I was admiring those hard working students pounding away at their keyboards and thought of a couple things…

this is a pretty accurate view of the class here. Kids attentive. Macbooks out and about. Pretty Sweet.

1. Australia

Everyday at MIS, I become more impressed with the technology integration in their curriculum.  Additionally, watching students dutifully (with a few exceptions) complete all manner of assignments on their Macbooks reminds me of the battles I had in the Central Coast.  Coaxing students to use their state gifted Lenovo’s for tasks other than Youtube resulted in cursing, screaming and extreme exasperation.  After a day of laptop war, I would often drive down to the beach and relax by the waves.  This led me to reminisce about all the other stuff I love about Australia.


Of course, I immediately began thinking of food.  Aussie and California cuisine is fairly similar in many respects.  We love fresh ingredients, we love fusion and we love grillin.  And I’ve got to give props to the scrumptious Aussie ‘works’ burger.  By fifth period today, I was really cravin’ it…so PC and I made our own complete with egg, pineapple, beetroot and bbq sauce (no bacon, there just isn’t suitable bacon here)

Oh, and have I mentioned my Australian cosmetic obsession?

This stuff is one of those cult items like Rosebud Salve…only it’s better.  It has no taste or scent, it works on chapped lips, dry skin, and pretty much any freaky skin condition you got goin on.  Oh man I love it.  I’ve always been a bit of a chapstick fiend, but this has got to be the best stuff I’ve tried.  I don’t have to keep reapplying, and I can layer it easily with lipsticks.  But depressingly, I’ve nearly finished the tube I brought back with me.  I may have to do some online shopping….  Of course, I also love Australian people (well not the ratbag teenagers), and I am already getting excited for PC’s dad to visit us in April.

But, I have to go on to the second thing occupying my mind at MIS today.

2. Japan

A couple of girls finished their assignment five minutes before the end of class, and began chatting quietly.  I decided to eavesdrop like the nosy teacher I am.  The girls began discussing friends and former teachers whom they knew were living in Japan.  Their faces betrayed worry and sadness as they questioned each other about the whereabouts and safety of these people.  Earthquakes, tsunamis and now the terrifying possibility of nuclear radiation…it’s a horrifying work of science (non)fiction.

While we may not all have a personal connection with the devastation in Japan, we are all affected by this event.  I’m not just talking about the fact that it changed the Earth’s axis, and shortened our days.  Sadly, yet beautifully, an event of this nature prompts us to become more appreciative of our friends and family.  We can be so thankful knowing that most of our loved ones are safe, while we can redouble our efforts to show love to those who may be in challenging our dangerous situations.

So, start your week off right, and show some love today. Maybe eat a burger too.




5 thoughts on “2 Thoughts

  1. Good memories, good food, good friends and family – unbeatable!
    Beautiful thoughts, as well as sobering, about the plight of the Japanese – your soul comes through.

  2. I hear ya on Japan. A sobering thought is the real chance it could happen here. It’s always lurking……….

    I want to see how you got your mouth around that burger.

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