First things first:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrate responsibly 🙂

This is how I want to celebrate. Chocolate stout cupcake with bailey's cream...please somebody make me one. please.

Now let’s talk music

At MIS, one of the most common student questions I get is, “Can we listen to music?” Normally, I would have balked at the prospect.  Kids could easily use the privilege as a pretext to ignore all teacher talk, and to cease all school tasks.  However, at MIS…it works.  It’s like a secret weapon for subs.

The kids take out their headphones (headphones of choice are most certainly the beats by Dr. Dre models…in case you were curious) plug into their Macbooks, and work continues.  In fact, it helps decrease chatter between students as each kid recedes into their own little world.  You run the risk of decreasing the amount of meaningful social interaction and construction of knowledge during the lesson.  But, if you’re a sub, you aren’t too worried about construction of knowledge so much as keeping the monkeys under control.

So my answer to their original question is usually, “Ok, if you guys work quietly for the first half of class, you get to listen to music”.

Sometimes, when I’m bored, I get a little curious about what the kids today are listening to.  It reminds me of what I liked at their age.  All of the sudden in middle school I began having an opinion about what kind of music I liked.  I remember the first CD I ever purchased: Sugar Ray, 14:59.  Oh Yeah.

In high school, music becomes a crucial factor in creating your identity.  You want to be a cool Punk? Well then start listening to the Dead Kennedy’s and Sex Pistols.  An alternative hipster? equal parts classic rock and bands your friends have never heard of.  Popular girly girl? well Pop. obviously.  As I see students showing each other their Itunes libraries, I often wonder what image they are hoping to project.

I haven’t done much spying on the students’ music choices, but this is some of the stuff I’ve been listening to. It’s nothing new or flashy, but I’m enjoying it.  The second one just makes me yearn for carefree summer days.

So what are you guys listening to lately? Ooo and what was your first CD/record/downloaded album?


3 thoughts on “Musica

  1. Not sure, but I’m thinking Eagles “Hotel California” or Boston’s debut. Played them both to death, and I’m talking vinyl here. Right now I’m into The Hold Steady, and my CD changer is filled with ELO, The Doors, and Jethro Tull. Devil horns.

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