It’s the first day of Spring. thank god. From what I understand, Munich might still receive another blanketing of snow within the next month ( I really don’t want to even consider that possibility), but today it was beautiful.

We have a small garden patio adjoining our place, and there are already flowers popping up here and there.  This is in no way a result of any effort on my part.  I’ve done jack diddly out there largely because it’s been covered in snow.

Funny story about the garden.  After Christmas, we had no idea what to do with our tree, so we put it outside to die naturally.  The setter on PC’s team lives above us, and rather than haul his massive tree down through the building, we agreed that he could simply heave it over the balcony into our garden. As the trees were hidden in snow,  we figured this was no problem.  Apparently, a neighbor didn’t think so, and reported us for having unsightly dying trees in our garden.  Then for good measure they claimed that we were throwing raucous parties.  Yes, apparently the night we had friends over for enchiladas was actually a kegger. When PC’s coach caught wind of the complaint, he began incessantly referring to PC as ‘Las Vegas’.

We’ve cleaned up the garden, and we plan on having an actual party one of these days to substantiate our lovely neighbor’s claims.

enjoying sunshine in the garden

moving on…

We enjoyed Sunday brunch today at a local restaurant.  They serve a wide variety of breakfast and lunch items, but at 12:15  the pièce de résistance is unveiled- a big roasted turkey.  A roast is always impressive, but coming from America where turkey is rather ubiquitous, it’s just not that awe inspiring. I mean it’s the go-to meat in our sandwiches, the centerpiece of the holiday table, and a substitute for those who love sausage, but feel less joyful about cholesterol.  We see the bird a lot.


That’s why in the middle of brunch, when the cook hoisted his sparkler adorned turkey aloft, and paraded through the dining room to the triumphant, booming theme to 2001: a Space Odyssey, I had no choice but to laugh hysterically and ask PC to film it.

In other news…

In case you aren’t aware PC has finally joined the blog world here!  His guest posts on my blog have consistently received enormous readership, so it was about time he moved on to his own space.  Don’t worry though, I think I can still convince him to guest post here once in awhile 🙂




One thought on “Sprung

  1. That shot of you basking in Spring sunshine is priceless! It must have felt glorious to curl up and read your book on your patio (with its adjacent garden 🙂 The turkey business is hilarious – really!? – it’s a freakin’ turkey!! Nice picture, Vegas 🙂

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