Essen & Trinken

Obligatory Maß

PC and I had a lovely dinner with friends at the Hofbräuhaus last night.  All the requisite trappings were in place: Maß a plenty( Who needs a litre of beer all at once? Jeebus), meat & potatoes, Oompah band, and tourists.  However, I was reminded of a couple of observations I’ve been meaning to share with regard to beverages here.

1) Germans are MixMasters

Yes, they love their beer, but they aren’t purists.  It’s very popular to mix beer with lemonade and coke. It lowers the alcohol content, but also makes for a more refreshing sip.  Here’s a little selection from the Hofbräuhaus menu.

The Selection

Very popular though very politically incorrect is Weißbier mixed with cola.  It’s called a “Neger” owing to the color of the drink.  I become visibly flustered whenever I hear somebody order one of these.

The mixology doesn’t stop with beer.  One of the most popular beverages is apfelschorle – apple juice mixed with sparkling water.   For the wine connoisseur there’s weissweinschorle and rotweinschorle. Not even Coca-Cola is safe from this obsession.  Put Coke and Fanta together, and you have a bouncing baby Mezzo Mix.

Mezzo Family

2) Old Bavarians are still pretty serious about plain ol’ Bier

At the Hofbräuhaus, you’ll find beer mug lockers.  Yup.  For the old chap who comes here everyday to enjoy a brew, a personal mug with locker is the way to go.  I found myself eyeing every man over 70 to see if he was going over to extract his precious vessel.  He usually was. 

What Retirement Should Look Like

Some final unrelated thoughts…

a. Oh my gosh danger! danger! danger! Magnum ice creams are finally arriving in America.  Note to self: preemptive gym sessions must start now….ehhh maybe I’ll just buy a sarong

Get it into your Life

b. Both the US and Australia showed well in their friendlies

c. Living with PC is pretty fun.

Quite Gangster


5 thoughts on “Essen & Trinken

  1. Never would have guessed the Germans would allow their beer to be adulterated with soft drinks. But couldn’t they get some steins that hold more than a few sips?! Jeez!

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