Wishful Thinking

I’m just wondering if you’ve felt like this.   Over here at Casa Bay/Carroll there’s been this weird sort of feeling hovering around the last few days.  I think that both PC and I have been feeling a kind of helpless impatience.

On our horizon, we have some important decisions to make. Where are we going to live? Where is PC’s career going to take him? Where am I going to work? Do I want to go back to school? When is PC going to get his freakin ipad?  Important as these questions are, they do not as yet require immediate answers.  However, the longer these questions remain unanswered, the more they seem to settle over me and cloud my brain.  You know what I mean? I wish I could just figure it all out, but I can’t right now…well… maybe the ipad.

Anyways, here’s some things and places I’m focusing on to clear my mind

1. Somewhere to compose my thoughts

I swear my blog would improve exponentially if I had this home office
photo from: sacramento street

2.  Something I want to do

come on picnic season

photo from: Pinterest

3. Something to make me laugh

4. Something to devour

Get in my Belly
photo from: foodgawker

5. Something to wash it all down

Checking my watch now

photo from: a beach cottage

Hope you all have a nice weekend



7 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking

  1. Don’t worry E-bizz I am 100% positive we are all feeling that way right now! The more I think about it the 20s are about getting life experiences that when you are 40 and established in your career you can look back and say “Shiznit man…I am so glad I got to do those fun things while I was younger!” Just enjoy where you’re at, have an indoor picnic (or 5), and jam out to Daft Punk electric guitar jam any time you get a chance!

    Miss you E-basive 🙂

  2. Wishful Thinking, so many things are possible…..you can wish,you can plan, you can dream but you don’t have to figure it all out !
    Life would be pritty boring if we knew exactly what would happen, we have to stay flexible and deal with things as they unfold.
    You have so many fantastic qualities that I’m sure you will handle whatever comes to
    you ! And if you can’t you have family and friends to help you make the decisions.
    Just ask or share your worries and concerns.
    And if you make a mistake you (or we) will say oops and fix it !
    Lovely Pics !xxxooo

  3. John and Mary had never met, like two hummingbirds that had also never met.
    Beautiful in its simplicity and sheer redundancy. Thanks for the link!
    I never tire of being allowed to share your thoughts 🙂

  4. This is mom! Relax, enjoy, have a beer or three. Life will lead YOU! You do not lead life! Hurry and come home, Dodger season started last night!

  5. Don’t worry, I had a major freak out last night where I was crying for an hour and wanted to quit school. So you are not alone in the weird feelings about life and uncertainty.

    That looks like the best picnic in the world. Let’s have a picnic when you get back!

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