Springtime (for Hitler and Germany…)

C’mon, you knew this title was coming eventually (Mel Brooks fans?)

This last weekend was GLORIOUS.  Warm, sunny weather had arrived.  With PC away, I schlepped myself down to the Englischer Garten for a picnic and some reading in the sun.  Over the next couple of hours, I finished my book, enjoyed plentiful people watching and received my first awkward sunburn of the year.  Oh yeah…the shin and top of the foot on one leg only.

Without fail, my first sunburn of the season always seems to be a mildly embarrassing red mark that forces me to add needless considerations to dressing myself such as: 1) Does this cover/hide the sunburn well enough that common folk won’t be tempted to stare at my abnormal skin condition.

Fellow Sun Worshipers

PC returned on Sunday, so we decided to go out for lunch.  We chose this place.

Despite the name, they know a lot about tasty food

Later in the evening, we went to a birthday picnic for one of PC’s teammates.  Without a beach, it seems that most of Munich sets up by the river side.  The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, but I did miss sitting on soft sand as opposed to river rocks.

Isar River
Our Group

What I have to show you next may be disturbing to young readers.

I knew that Germans were far more comfortable with nudity than Australians, and certainly Americans.  I experienced and adjusted to gym nudity quite quickly.  Your first trip to the co-ed sauna is a little jarring, but after that you embrace it.

I was nevertheless unprepared for the public nudity we saw at the river.

spot 'em

You’ll have to give my prude-ishness for this next bit. Perhaps I wouldn’t have been so perturbed if the majority of offenders had been under 55 years of age.

Bathing suits are pretty skimpy as it is, so I realize there isn’t a huge difference between that and the birthday suit.  However, I prefer the little bits of fabric that hold in all the jiggly bits.

The whole time I kept trying to figure out the reasoning for it. Aesthetics? I mean, nobody wants a bad tan line, but who needs golden-brown genitalia?  Comfort? Are boardshorts too confining? Are you too hot with the excess fabric?   Of course, I understand that it’s simply a cultural thing, not a logical thing.  Apparently, the au natural look is even more prevalent in Eastern Germany.

This lady had to be our favorite.  Not only is her coloring terrifying, but she assumed this position faced directly at our group.

Lobster Lady

Whichever way I turned I was confronted by something jiggling or flopping, and would then point it out to PC amidst nervous giggling. I suppose I should applaud this body confidence, but it’ll take me a few more encounters to get used to it.

Content and Fully Clothed

After two days of sun, Monday brought pouring rain.  April showers.  I’m highly suspicious of Spring.  Sure it warms up, but the weather appears to suffer from multiple personality disorder.  In the next two months we have a chance of rain, snow and hot sun on any given day.  As a climatically spoiled Californian, I’ll just have to suck it up.


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