Last night we went out for some Mexican food and bowling.  I had contemplated posting my thoughts regarding the turd storm the world has been enduring.  What with continued radioactive leaking in Japan, narrowly averted government shutdown in the US, continued tyranny and violence in the Middle East, racially motivated massacres in Ivory Coast, discovery of mass graves in Mexico, and the continued subversion of women’s rights worldwide….oh and did I mention it’s tax season?  There’s a lot we could say, but how bout we just leave it for now.

Anyways, I figure we could all use a diversion.

Here’s a quick video with some of the finer moments of the evening.

Highlights include Denis demonstrating his excellent spin technique PLUS his far more impressive Carlton dance.  I get a strike. PC lies on the floor after a spectacular wipeout.  He recovers with an impressive trick shot, and we finish with a pretty standard strike from the big man.


3 thoughts on “Bowling

  1. I think i’m supposed to find out what R.E.S.P.E.C.T. means…..hahah. Anyways i really wish you would have caught pauls wipeout on camera but check out that sweet trick shot! funnn i wanna go bowling!

  2. I enjoy watching you enjoying yourself !
    The Carlton dance resembles the Zunba.
    Pretty impressive strikes Paul & Erin and where is your dance ?

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