Munich is extremely dog friendly.  You see dogs in the park, on the train, in restaurants, and even in Zara.  With this never-ending parade of cuteness,  I have begun my own three step emotional procession.

1) I smile like a moron, and become convinced that the whole world will be fine as long as there are puppies (and ice cream)

2) I then descend into an obsessive/depressive phase with the realization that although I am dying to cuddle with my own puppy, practicality renders puppy ownership impossible (for now)

3) I give up on thinking, and simply stare at the doggie.  nice doggie.  (at this point the owner quickly walks their pooch in another direction)

Why yes, I do take creepy pictures of dogs in the street.

The dogs here appear to be extremely well trained.  Although you’ll see signs claiming that dogs must be on a leash, I’d say that about 50% go unrestrained.  Even in the middle of Marienplatz on a godawful busy Saturday, you’ll find happy leash-less dogs walking along with their owners. I’ve yet to see a dog go cujo on anyone.  In the above shot, you can see the dog in the foreground is leashed, but the dog in the background is fancy free.

I told you they are in Zara and H&M and well everywhere

What I find interesting is that although dogs can be leash-free in many public places, Germans are quite strict about dogs in autos.  In a car dogs must be restrained, and not with a seat belt (duh), but in pet carriers/kennels.  I suppose it makes sense when you consider the horrifying projectile that Fido would make in an accident on the autobahn.

To make up for that mental image, I’ll show you some pictures from our latest dog encounter.

On Saturday, a few of us were enjoying a lovely bbq in the park.

Frauke and PC

Then along came a sneaky dachshund

Frauke cleaning up our picnic scraps

The doxie had smelled our delicious ribs and found our trash bag of bones.  He was loathe to part from the bones once they were in his jaws.

Eventually, the bones were extricated, and the owner scooped up his mischievous doxie.  It should be noted that the pup got free again and raced back to us.

This was a rare example of a dog behaving somewhat badly.  I have to wonder if there are stricter laws, or social mores regarding dog training here.  All I know is I want a dog.



8 thoughts on “Pooches

  1. You would have loved the golden retriever puppy that became friends with our team during our snack yesterday. He had no collar and there was no owner in sight…I was very close to bringing him home.

  2. Tootsie and Gordie can’t wait to see you! It goes without saying Mr. Gordon may not to be happy when you show up without PC!

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