A Lame Post

There haven’t been too many interesting things happening over here at Casa Bay/Carroll.  This has left me bereft of photos/interesting material.  In light of this situation, I decided to jot down a random thought or two.  However, never fear trusty readers! Trevor Carroll is arriving tomorrow which will certainly make for more interesting posts in the next few days.  For now…*you’re stuck with this…

*if you would rather read something more interesting go here.  It’s a good blog.

 A Short Book Review

As you may remember, I’m attempting to read 50 books this year.  I’ve been trying to alternate one classic, then one recent book to keep things interesting.  One of my recent reads was Water for Elephants.  I had heard nothing but gushing praise for the book.  Plus, it’s now a major motion picture, so I figured it was time to get in on the excitement.

My review: Well, I liked it.  I was entertained.  I just wasn’t blown away.  I fully understood that the novel would be dramatic and fantastical given its setting aboard a second-rate traveling circus offering its gilded delights to hard-up Americans during the Great Depression.  There was certainly no shortage of suspense and action, but I felt shortchanged on characterization. I love complex characters. Give me a neurotic headcase over an animal stampede any day.

The love story seemed superficial, and frankly, I wanted more elephant.  Apparently, the author has done extensive field work and research with monkeys, elephants and other animals for her novels.  Knowing this, I had hoped for some surprising insights, or subtle expert knowledge.  I just felt like any noob could have personified the elephant in a similar fashion.  ehhh maybe I’m a little harsh.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, but I guess I’m just a weirdo who isn’t sharing in the vociferous adulation. How bout you guys? Ever felt like the odd man out on something everyone’s going nuts over?

I am interested in seeing the Water for Elephants film.  This is due in large part to Christoph Waltz.  Yes, I realize that Robert Pattinson is supposed to be the heartthrob draw for ladies of my age group, but does anyone else have a slightly inappropriate crush on Col. Hans Landa?

He’s old, and he continues to play villains. I guess I’m just strange.

okay I’ve bored you enough, so let’s finish with this lil nuggie

This has nothing to do with anything apart from making me happy.  I hope it makes you happy.  I’ll see you all soon with some better posts.


3 thoughts on “A Lame Post

  1. Everyone lost their minds over “The Hangover” – I was the lone soul who kept asking
    myself, “Is this the funny part? The REALLY funny stuff must be coming later, right?”
    It never did.
    Is it wrong that as I look at the child on the beach being “eaten” by the shark costume, all I can think of is, “That child might wade into the ocean and be eaten by a shark!”

  2. The book: Eat, Pray, Love is supposed to be the greatest book of all time, or something like that. I could barely get through the 1st part. Then it moved to India (or someplace like that), and I gave up. to me it was BORING!! I guess we all have our likes and dislikes. I too, enjoyed Water for Elephants, not real sure I want to see the movie…LOVED the Harry Potter novels, glad I finally got around to reading them. Take care, see you soonish….

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