A Sticker Quest

A few days ago we had a bit of a quest here…but more on that later…first…

Trevor Carroll has arrived!

Requisite photo in Marienplatz

PC’s dad, Trevor, has finally landed in Unterhaching to spend a week with us.  He was on the European continent for the last few weeks working with a film crew, an old double decker bus and some young whippersnappers.

Trevor, bus, whippersnappers and Paris

image via: Trevor’s Blog ‘Gypsy Stories’

Some of you may know that Trevor used to be a tour leader/bus driver for Top Deck Travel from 1976-1981.  Driving all over Europe, Asia and the Middle East with a gaggle of young adventure seekers made for some really fun stories, so I recommend you check out his blog to read up on his experiences driving through places like Afghanistan, India and the like.  Spoiler alert: He meets his future wife on one of the trips.

Fast Forward…Now somebody wants to recreate the trips, and do a little documentary on the Top Deck experience.  Trevor was asked to come aboard, and teach some newbies how it’s done.  It made for some interesting yet frustrating moments, so I think he’s happy to be finished and relaxing in Unterhaching.

Yesterday, we spent some time in the city walking around, and enjoying a lunch at the Hacker-Pschorr Wirtsgarten.  While Trevor used to lead tours through München, it’s been a few years, so it’s fun to hear his recollections, as well as his observations about the changes in the city.

View of the Rathaus Glockenspiel

To work up an appetite, we trudged up many flights of stairs to the top of Alter Peter Kirche.  With a clear day, we were greeted with a beautiful view over the city.  We unwittingly timed it all to be atop the church at noon when the glockenspiel began its performance.

at the top, posed for prom

Sufficiently hungry and thirsty after ascending and descending many stairs, we settled in for lunch at Hacker-Pschorr with a Radler each.

Father and Son at Lunch

Now I’d like to take you back in time a couple days…

On Tuesday, PC’s team played the first match of their semifinal playoff series against SCC Berlin.  Unfortunately, the result was not so favorable for Haching.  However, later that evening, we learned of a worldwide scavenger hunt organized by a Youtuber we follow: Mystery Guitar Man (You can click here to watch some of his videos).  Basically, he (MGM) had sent about 50 stickers to be placed in different locations around the world.

One sticker was sent to Germany.  It was placed in Munich. What are the chances?  Thus, at 11:45 pm, after a disappointing match, and in search of redemption, PC and I set off into the night on a quest to find the sticker.

Found: Mystery Guitar Mans Face

Woohoo we found it! Now apparently, if you were the first to find it there’s some code that you send in to get a prize.  Alas, no code for us.  But really, the quest for the sticker was not about a silly prize.  I wish I could insert some dramatic statement about learning about ourselves, determination, struggle etc. but really we just had fun scouting around the dark streets of Munich like a couple of weirdos to find a dumb sticker.  Mission accomplished. 🙂

Side Note: We sorta kinda stole the sticker…but we didn’t know we weren’t supposed to take it…oopsy?


PC leaves early tomorrow morning to travel up to Berlin.  Trevor and I will follow early Saturday morning to see the second part of the Haching-Berlin series.  Hopefully I’ll be checking in with all of you soon with news of victory and currywurst.

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