Bunnies and Eggs

Happy Easter

Our OsterSonntag has been a relaxing and welcome recovery from Saturday.  Yesterday, Trevor and I drove off early in the morning to see PC play the second match of his semifinal series against SCC Berlin.

After our quick five hour drive, we had lunch in the Tiergarten, and walked around enjoying the city and the sunshine.

Very Cute Pose

The middle of the city was bustling.  Streets were closed with a spring carnival, and the several hundred Berlin Eisbären fans celebrating their hockey team’s championship.  Despite the rather tame revelry, I think that every police officer in town was on patrol daring somebody to step out of line.

Brandenburger Tor with some fans

With some extra time to kill, we walked down to Checkpoint Charlie.  It’s startling to imagine the repression and privation that one half of this city endured.  However, I find it more mind boggling to remember how recently all of this occurred, and to observe this vibrant, reunified capital now.

Checkpoint Charlie

Later that evening we made our way to the big match.  Haching was handed a defeat, and an unhappy end to the season.  Although the defeat might sting now, PC has had much to be proud of this season.

But let’s not dwell on endings and losses…

We drove back late last night, so we all slept in this Easter morning.  We woke up late, and made Mimosas and a tasty brunch.  As I said, this was a day of recovery-food and little else.

yummy brunch

The Easter Bunny even dropped off some baskets for PC and Trevor.  If you’ll notice, they include Cadbury eggs.  Yup.  I searched the city, and found these little treasures lying low at Pomeroy & Winterbottom’s British shop.  I still can’t get over the name of that place…so British.

Easter Treats
Tasty Brunch Food

In the afternoon, we took a leisurely walk around town observing the old folks and little tykes of Unterhaching.

Father and Son by the pond

Today I have once again been reminded of how lucky I am.  It was so wonderful to spend the holiday with family, but my thoughts are also with those with whom I could not spend the day.

My cousin, a marine currently serving in Afghanistan, made contact to let his family know that he is safe, and beginning the steps toward a homecoming.  Wonderful/Amazing/Stupendous News.  I can’t wait to see him, and the rest of my family soon.

I also received a couple of messages from friends back home.  Friends who lead incredibly challenging and hectic lives.  Friends who, in their ridiculously limited time,  somehow stole a few minutes for little ol’ me.  I am so lucky to know people who continually inspire and humble me; people who made me quite teary-eyed today. I am so lucky.


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