Bikes & Moms

Yesterday, PC and I wanted to make the most of our Saturday.  PC only has one more Saturday left here in Munich, so we wanted to do something active just the two of us.

With the weather on our side, we rented some bikes, took the train to Starnberg, and decided to bike 49 kilometers around the lake.

It seemed like a good idea

We figured we’d start down the west side of the lake.

Excited...before butt soreness set in

The west side of the lake is very touristy.  It is also a bit inconsistent as you weave from gravelly paths, to highway, and shady dirt.  As this was the beginning of the ride, we weren’t too bothered, but we were very excited when the break for lunch finally arrived.

carb loading on pasta salad

I must say, the scenery was beautiful.  As your road changes constantly, your view does the same.  One minute you look upon multi-million euro lakeside homes, next it’s simply tranquil blue waters, and then farmland and wildflowers meet your gaze.  We had another quick stop when we got down to the halfway mark.

Still Energetic

The eastern side of the lake was much different.  It is a consistently paved, flat road along the lake side.  It appeared that this must be where the locals choose to spend their sunbathing hours.  As our quads began to burn, we were so thankful for this more relaxed side of water.

Made another stop for water and a gummi snake

In the home stretch, our whinging began.  Being unseasoned cyclists, the kilometers had really caught up to us.  Every slight incline became a source of cursing and fist waving.  Nevertheless, with the promise of ice cream at the finish line, we propelled our sore behinds and aching legs all the way back.

Love the Kid Beisde Us

Even though this wasn’t a massively strenuous ride, we still felt pretty proud of ourselves by the end.  I’m also happy to report that despite our fears of sore legs, today we woke up perfectly fine.  Woohoo.

This morning, PC left to visit his friend Nikola in Macedonia.  Knowing embarrassingly little about this country, PC is tasked with taking ample documentation of this trip so that he can tell us all about it.  In the meantime, I’ll be chillin on my lonesome for the next few days [pitiful voice].  No actually, I have a great deal to do as we prepare to leave this place, and plan for the next few months.

Finally I would be remiss if I made no mention of  Mother’s Day! While I’m sad that I cannot celebrate with my family, I hope that all the moms out there have a lovely and relaxing day.

In honor of my own mother, I found this.  Please be warned, there is very adult language which might offend some of you.  However, if you know Tami, this will make sense.

Love you Mom!

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