Wanderlust Wednesday

I know what you’re thinking, “How can this girl have wanderlust? She’s living abroad what more does she want?”

Here’s the deal in case you weren’t aware…

Travel is Addictive.

Can This Be In My House? via:Pinterest

Even though this past year I’ve traveled and lived in some amazing places, I feel like a bratty addict.  The more I travel, the more I awaken that strung out weirdo who hunches over her macbook trolling images of exotic destinations.

Also, PC will be returning late tonight from his trip to Macedonia (an upcoming post on his blog should be up soon).  It’s a place I would have never thought to visit, and it alighted a curiosity about all of these semi-undiscovered travel destinations.  Ahh the possibilities.

So I wanted to share some of images inspiring my travel lust today

Plitvice, Croatia via: Pinterest
A Unique Dining Experience in Thailand via: Pinterest
Las Lajas – Ipiales, Colombia via: Pinterest

Now let’s be honest, the destination I’m most excited for right now is Southern California.  Soon I will dine on burritos and sushi while giving myself skin cancer. Soon.

My new fave reading spot, Marina Del Rey via: visitmarinadelrey.com
Favorite way to spend a summer night- Beach Bonfire, Bolsa Chica via: LATimes.com

In the end, travel is fun, but I also look forward to the day when I can settle myself in one spot.  When that day comes, I demand these pillows.

via: Pinterest

So how bout you guys? Where do you want to go?


3 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday

  1. I want to travel so bad, i still want to study abroad. But on the note of of southern california, ahhhhh im sooooo happy to be here! I’ve been having a large desire for a nice bonfire at bolsa like the old days. lets do it!!!!

  2. I want to go where you’ve been, Europe! Having said that, I think my next cruise will be to the Baltic area or Nordic Countries, like you know, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Estonia, etc. Course the world has to make it past 12/21/12 first!

  3. Where can you buy those pillows?
    Dad and I are thinking about Yellowstone next summer! Not as exotic as the places you mentioned but a National Park Tour sounds great to us!

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