Packing, Puppies & PC

The chapter is quickly closing on our time here in Unterhaching.  So here’s some updates…

1. PC was awarded MVP of the DVL!  I have to share how he told me-it’s just classic PC.  After coming home from work, we were doing the whole “how was your day?” “what have you been up to?” thing.  After an hour of chatting about the more mundane details of the day, PC remembers, ‘Oh yeah, I found out that I’m MVP of the league’.   His tone conveyed roughly the same enthusiasm with which one might recount making a deposit at the bank.

Who is this guy? If I was named MVP of washing dishes it would be the first thing I mentioned, and I would probably be unnecessarily excited about it.   This is not to say that PC isn’t proud or happy about it, it’s just him.  Sorta refreshing in a frustrating kind of way.

Anyways, he won because he was awarded the most gold mvp medals throughout regular season matches.   Here’s a chart with the full medal tally.

This doesn't directly relate to MVP...but oh well. Being a Plane in the Deutsches Museum. I like hanging out with him.

2. We’ve got an excellent tip for those like us who have to pack up our lives in accordance with airline baggage allowance policies.  SPACE BAGS.  I really have to thank my genius mother for this one.  Freakin’ Magic.  We have had to do some packing around here, and we had a lot of bulky winter items to deal with.  We stuffed our space bags, got the vacuum going, and oh lordy it was delightful.  It condensed everything so well, and opened up storage space for stuff we might have otherwise had to throw out.

Ok I’m done being the pitch-woman…but seriously get ’em. 3. So I told you we had to pack.  We had to pack because PC left to go home to Australia today.  That meant that yesterday was our last day together in Munich.  After the magical space bags whisked away any stress we had about packing, we drove down to Starnberg to hang out with Flo, Lisa, Debbie and Gordy (the last two are dogs).

On a Walk

It was a perfect, relaxing day.

burly arm playing with the pups

4. So now you know that PC left for his homeland today.  At first I was jealous because I’ll still be here working for the next two weeks[cue sniffling sounds] and, of course, I love visiting Australia.  Then I got over myself.  PC gets to see his family so rarely, and for the last few years I’ve been horning in on the action.  This is a perfect opportunity for him to relax, and just enjoy being home with his mum, dad and brothers.  The other upside is that he will be arriving in California earlier than expected. (okay, I’m still selfish)

5. The other exciting thing is that PC is turning the big quarter of a century 2-5!  He’ll be traveling home for most of it, but I bet he can’t wait to get home and celebrate with a home cooked meal.

Happy Birthday PC!  You are an incredible guy.


One thought on “Packing, Puppies & PC

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