I had visions of creating a nice end of Germany video thing but….that didn’t happen (this would have required forethought, planning, remembering to film interesting things…effort).  What did happen is I scrapped together some of the video we happened to have and threw it together…and here it is.

Highlights include:

  • lots of driving- at night, in snow, to work, near zooming cars leaving us in the dust
  • the infernal racket of the glockenspiel
  • the quest to find Mystery Guitar Man’s sticker
  • pedal boating in Prague

Anyways, this is my last post here in Munich.  The place where I learned to drive stick, PC played his first season of Champion’s Leauge, I roasted my first turkey(on my first Christmas away from home), PC was DVL MVP and Pokalsieger, and we both managed some nice European side trips.  Though it was only seven months, they were memorable and enjoyable months.

But it’s time to leave.  I’m excited to get home, enjoy summer and prepare for the next adventure in the fall.

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