Admittedly, I’ve been lazy.  Since arriving home, I’ve done lots of eating, merrymaking and relaxing…no blogging.  Here’s a quick catch-up on what’s been happening.

Last Saturday, my family hosted a little Champion’s League Final shindig.

Yummy Snacks

I moved into an apartment in beautiful Marina Del Rey.

my sister

Watched some NBA Finals action with friends. Go Mavs.

sammiches and basketball

Watched a friend graduate from paramedic school as the valedictorian of his class.

Congrats Matt!

Celebrated said accomplishment with a dinner.

Good Lookin People

Put on a surprise 50th birthday/Master’s degree graduation party for my Dad.

That's My Dad Front Left
Future Husband and Wife
Karaoke: Gettin It
Cousins and Gma

PC and I have been enjoying the sunshine.  We’re sporting matching awkward leg sunburns.

That's Where It's At

Not pictured: a Lovely bridal shower, multiple mexican food meals and trips to the jacuzzi.  Summer’s lookin’ good.


3 thoughts on “SoCal

  1. I love how every event/gathering involved gnoshing and imbibing. Why else even bother getting together? OK – karaoke is a corny and addictive pleasure, so much more so with plenty of alcohol 🙂 So glad you’re home – summer in SoCal and the living is easy!

  2. So at first i thought this was a picture of you and casey’s sunburned legs and iwas soooo confused why she looked so much bigger than you….bahaha only to find out after actually reading the caption that it is you and paul. bahahaha funny

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