just beachy

While June Gloom has settled its unwanted self over Southern California, we’ve still managed to enjoy some sun, sand, snacks and other fun. Before I go any further, I have to give a big shout out to my future brother-in-law and his NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks. Ever since they crushed my Lakers, I’ve truly been enjoying my ride on their bandwagon.

I wish I could fully describe the gluttony, and food love I’ve been experiencing here.  Despite the downside of a lazy, obese populace, I am so thankful for the plethora of restaurants available to me in the United States.  While I enjoy cooking at home, I can’t help reveling in the convenience of so many cheap and delicious eateries everywhere I turn.  Additionally, the food culture has embraced so many ethnic foods, that the variety and choice is dizzying at times.  One aspect of LA food culture that I had not fully explored in the past is the food truck phenomenon.

Preparing for Noms

Imagine my delight when I learned that a group of food trucks congregates every Tuesday evening mere minutes from our abode.  In case you aren’t familiar, the food trucks offer up various gourmet, modern comfort, ethnic, and fusion style food for our eating pleasure. So, we took ourselves over to observe the scene, and enjoy the food.  We also learned a valuable lesson: always check the length of the ordering line AND the pickup line when assessing which truck to patronize.

It was busy, but I’m still looking forward to trying out the food trucks again soon. If you want to learn more about the trucks, or follow them, I suggest taking a look here.

Apart from gorging ourselves, we made the most of a few hours of sunshine down in Manhattan Beach.

Although we grew up in Southern California where every beach is littered with volleyball nets, my sisters and I would not be described as competent volleyball players.  We spent enough time chasing a ball around a grass field, so beach time was better spent relaxing.  Nevertheless, we organized a mostly horrifying, but thoroughly funny volleyball game for PC, us sisters and my cousin Gregory.

Gregory and PC

There were some good moments

Kylie ended up in this position a lot

Some challenging moments

Good efforts captured by the camerawoman. Moments when the camerawoman was nearly punished.

I’ve had some camera issues, so other parts of my week have been left undocumented.  However, I’ve been content to simply enjoy bbq’s, reconnecting with friends and family and generally being a lazy bum.

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