Been Awhile

I really have nothing to say for myself.  I’ve been a negligent blogger.  I’ve been running around enjoying myself in a rather selfish manner, and now find myself with a backlog of events and updates.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.  I’ve kept it brief in a pathetic effort to curry favor with readers who have no doubt lost interest in this ol’ blog.  I’ll do better in the future.

Lianne and Brian’s Wedding

My cousin Lianne married her partner Brian Ferguson at Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.  The setting was breathtaking, the ceremony was so beautiful and unique, and can we talk about BBQ for dinner?!

The Sibs
Aunt Nancy, PC and I
beautiful dance floor
via: Kristin Carlson Photography
Lovely Couple
via: Kristin Carlson Photography

BBQ’S with Friends

We spent a great day with friends, and volleyball acquaintances.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I had a camera in my possession and failed take any photos.  However, you can visit the Winders’ blog to see more of the day.

Digging In

Dodger Game with Dad

A summertime tradition.

4th of July with friends and dogs at Leo Carillo State Beach

Rather than mingle in the rowdy crowds elsewhere in the southland, we opted for a relaxed day of sun and surf…and slobber.

Pat, Case and Buckethead
Middle Eastern Bucket
Coaxing Koa and Bucket into the water

The price paid for getting Koa into the waves…a ravaged nipple…sorry Eric

Taking Bike Rides Along the Coast

View from Dockweiler
Watching the planes take off from LAX

Women’s World Cup Action

So Amazing

I mean, if you haven’t been watching…you need to catch up with some highlights.

There is more to come with a special Bridal Edition


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