Bridal Duties

With my sister’s wedding date soon upon us, I’ve had to get my Maid of Honor backside in motion.  Having been out of the country for the majority of the planning, designing and decision-making phases of the wedding, I’ve felt the need to prove my worth and usefulness.

Now, I am far from a wedding veteran.  I am most certainly a “frantically trolling to research bridesmaid duties and etiquette” type of noob.  In addition, I am infuriatingly indecisive particularly in regard to questions of aesthetics.  Thankfully, the  bride is prepared, knowledgeable and clear about what she likes.  This made planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party far more enjoyable than I previously feared.
With the help of my mom, grandmother and Aunt (whose house we took over),  I think we put on a nice little luncheon.


We opted for a simple summery spread of steak and strawberry salad, antipasto and fruit skewers and a fresh garlicy loaf.  My mom kept glasses full of refreshing peach and strawberry bellinis.

the spread

On a hot and bright Southern California day, we spent most of our time inside the cool house.

Aunt Nancy, Casey and Mom
Grandma, Casey, Greer, Maureen, Jamie and Lianne

However, we clambered outside for our first shower game: Panty Hose-Orange-Relay-Madness…yeah.  For those unfamiliar, we split the guests into two teams.  Each team is given a pair of panty hose with an orange stuck into one of the legs, as well as a separate orange placed on the ground.  Then we begin the relay as each team member must tie on the panty hose, use their body and smack the orange in their hose into the one on the ground.

Maureen showing how it's done

Taking an early lead, the bride’s team maintained their momentum and emerged the winners.

The Bride Victorious

Once inside, we exercised our memories with some bridal trivia. Here’s a taste:

  • What was Casey’s childhood nickname?
  • Where will Pat and Casey spend their honeymoon?
Very Old Friends

Having completed our games portion, it was finally time for desserts-beautiful cupcakes from  Sweet & Saucy shop in Long Beach.

Yummy Cakes

Case opened her gifts, and my mom provided comic relief as she took on the ribbon bouquet responsibilities. It was a bit of a struggle at first, but with some advice from other attendees it all worked out.  Frankly, I was just happy I didn’t have to make it.  Lord knows what sort of travesty I would have created.

ribbon bouquet by Mom and Jess

With the ladylike celebration over, we were on to the bachelorette party.  Braving 110° days in Palm Springs, we spent the weekend eating, sipping and relaxing in the pool. Rather than detail all of our activities ( I mean it’s a bachelorette party…), I’ll try and offer some suggestions should you find yourself in the Palm Springs area.

Our first dinner out took us to Matchbox for some gourmet pizza.  Get the Copa & Arugula pizza…mmmm so good.

At Matchbox for Pizza

With a little bit of Yelp help, we found ourselves at a world renowned piercing parlor.  The two proprietors trained under the guy who opened the first ever piercing place in the nation.  Not only were they knowledgeable, but their piercing station looked doctor sterile- got to love the cleanliness.  Needless to say, Amanda and Jess were in good hands when they opted to have lip and conch piercings.

Legit Piercing
Cool as a Cucumber

We spent our weekend at the Riviera Resort.  It has been recently renovated, so many parts of the hotel are glitzy, shiny and new.  However, other portions of the hotel appear shabby and unkempt.  So, I won’t be giving this place a glowing recommendation. However, the management was very receptive and accommodating to my criticisms and suggestions. So…yeah not sure about this one.

Lobby Stairs
Hottie Patotties
Ready for Some Fun

I can heartily recommend a couple of other eateries.  We spent a scorching mid-morning brunch at Cheeky’s.  They serve an array of delectable breakfast and lunch dishes using locally sourced produce.  I had a breakfast sandwich with the sweetest heirloom tomato…oh my gosh I’m still salivating over that thing.

We also ate well at Grind Brgr Bar, and enjoyed fish tacos at Shanghai Reds.

Chilaquiles at Cheeky's

Nighttime activities involved some karaoke action among other things.  Due to an under-21 participant, we could not explore the many gay dance clubs around town, but we heard they are a ball.

Robbi Palm Springs Weirdo

Thus far, I think I’ve managed to avoid any major MOH failures, but we’ve got a little over a week to go…so there’s time.

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