Labor and Life

This has been a quarter life crisis and life advice type of week.  No lie, my optometrist spent half of my exam imparting financial and career advice as he, “wished someone would have told me these things when I [he] was your [my] age”.  Hey I won’t complain,  I will take all the wisdom I can get![now please for the love of god finish writing my prescription so I can get out of here]

This has been followed up by various conversations with other twenty-something comrades.  We are a couple of years into a career path and wondering “Is this what I love to do?”  “Can I do this job for the next 50 years?”  “What else could I be missing out on?”  I’ve been told that these questions don’t really abate as we age…bummer.  However, I find comfort in knowing that so many of us are dealing with a bit of an existential crisis.

I suppose I’m most disappointed to realize there is no epiphany moment when you become a grown up  (well except for this exact epiphany).  Our decisions, desires, hopes and fears are all as frustratingly foggy as ever.

The plethora of articles and assorted literature about these “post college” years all echo the same sentiment of eschewing worry in favor of wonder.  To try out different jobs, different cities, different people.  I am under the impression that all of those  slightly irritating, “dance like nobody’s watching” ” forgive quickly, love truly” inspirational quotes were created solely for the twenty something demographic.

But…they have a point.  At this age, we may have fostered more practical reasoning powers, and a greater appreciation for the reality of a student loan, car and rent payment.  Yet, we are still unencumbered by some of the heavier crap we’ll get in our later years.    It is the time for taking reasonable chances and risks.

This all leads to my current quandary regarding law school.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ll be taking the LSAT in October.  However, the idea of law school is not so attractive.  Well, let me amend that statement.  Law school attracts me in a masochistic way.  I like school, I like the idea of the challenge,  people have suggested I’d be decent.  However, post law school has absolutely no appeal.

Apart from the fact that I’ve no passion for law, any idea of what I’d  practice, and abhor the idea of working as slave labor at some firm chained to my desk…I’ve been reading several articles similar to this one.

What I’ve found is, “Post-graduate employment rates are at their lowest levels in 15 years. The typical student leaves school nearly $100,000 in debt.  According to the National Association for Law Placement, only slightly more than two-thirds of spring 2010 graduates had jobs requiring law licenses nine months later — the lowest mark since the industry group starting keeping count.I would share more, but it leads me into dangerous territory in which I’m tempted to launch into a protracted tirade about the cost of education in this country etc. I’ll spare you.

So…yeah….dunno if that counts as a reasonable risk…

I’ll still be taking the LSAT as it’s a sort of personal goal/thing.  I’m not ruling law school out yet, however I’m finding myself longing more and more to go back overseas and teach again.

Ok so beyond all that boring/depressing info…

Labor day weekend has been very relaxing thus far.  Today, my roommates and I met up with Eric, Stacie and their puggle Koa at Leo Carrillo beach in Malibu.

Leo Carrillo

Due to windy weather and massive waves, we didn’t venture into the water, but we still enjoyed hanging out on the beach, and grilling up a storm.

Koa envious of our yummy lunch

We stopped at our local Mexican market before heading out to nab some delicious carne al pastor for tacos.

love the carniceria
Oh Matt

As I continue to contemplate my career and schooling options, I’m going to try and remind myself to take deep breaths and be thankful for days like this and friends like these.

there we go

One thought on “Labor and Life

  1. Can’t say I see you as the lawyer type, but your writing is terrific. Maybe there’s a way to combine teaching & writing?

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