Hope in a Decade

It’s been ten years.  A decade.  While I understand that, for many, the pain of this day may never cease, I would prefer to honor  9/11 with a celebration of the healing and resiliency of everyone affected by those acts.  This day is uniquely poignant for Americans, but let’s not think that when America was targeted,  the ripples of that tragedy were not felt by millions around the world.

Terrorists sought, as they do now, to attack the values that Americans and so many others in the world share.  In the decade since the attacks, we’ve seen plenty of mistakes and tragedies (I’ll forgo any examples-we spend plenty of time focusing on these failures).

However, we have also seen the persistent blossoming of a globalized world.  Businesses, charities, governments and individuals continue to connect across national borders.  More and more people are sharing in the desire for freedom, equality of opportunity and well…the pursuit of happiness.  Values that Americans hold dear have not been diminished, but further embraced.  It makes me feel proud.  It makes me feel hopeful.

We all get to observe this day, and the sacrifices made since then in a way that makes sense to us individually.

Perhaps you are mourning and solemn

Life has put together a haunting gallery of  photographs from that day here.

Maybe you like to quietly remember

Waves of Flags

As you know I’m in the more celebratory mood, thankful for the fact that I can spend the day watching sports (and blogging).

Honestly, I was pretty flabbergasted to see the USA Ireland Rugby World Cup match on NBC this morning.  I mean it’s not a sport the US is known for, but how cool that they were given some air time.

It’s interesting to note that before the match, the rugby team honored former US rugby players Mark Bingham and Jeremy Glick, who perished on United Airlines flight 93.Of course the women’s singles final of the US Open was on.  No, Serena didn’t win, but the Aussie underdog pulled a massive upset, and what American sports fan doesn’t love a good upset?

Next up, some NFL action interspersed with my half-hearted effort to make up for my total lack of studying the last few days…woops…

Hope your 9/11 was filled with thankfulness, relaxation and reflection


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