October Observations

I’m still in disbelief, but the calendar claims it’s October.   However, there is telltale evidence.  The mercury has dipped (though I’m sure it’ll come roaring back upwards with a brush fire in tow), pumpkins abound in the Camarillo/Oxnard fields, and of course, Macy’s is already festooned with Christmas lights and premature holiday spirit.

I figured I’d share some of the stuff I’ve been seeing and enjoying in this first week of October.

Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt

I haven’t been to KSF in years.  For those unfamiliar, it’s a month long event during which Knott’s Berry Farm becomes well Scary.  Along with several elaborate and themed mazes, you can enjoy the rides, and count on being accosted by various ghouls roaming the park wielding chainsaws among other things.  Growing up so close to Knott’s, attendance at KSF was practically a rite of passage from middle through high school.  As you grew older, some of your friends might even work as ghouls during Halloween Haunt.

I remember being genuinely terrified in past visits to KSF.  With a few years between me and my last encounter, I jumped at the chance to join some friends and experience it as a bona fide adult.  However, this latest occasion prompted few screams, and I was a tad disappointed.  Some mazes like, Dia del los Muertos,  seem more concerned with artistic expression than scares.  However, other mazes like Terror of London, yielded heebie jeebies, and aesthetically interesting sets.  I’m not certain whether I’ve simply gotten older, or the park has become wussier, but the fear is not necessarily here.  Whatever the case, it’s still a fun tradition.


Dear me.  I’m so hopelessly in love with that service, that I truly don’t care how pathetic and lame that sounds.  Due to my parents’ enlightened decision to pay the big bucks for HBO, I now live in a wondrous world where all current and past programming is available to view to my heart’s desire.   I’m currently viewing an unhealthy amount of The Wire (which really is that good), Generation Kill, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Real Time.  I don’t see this obsession waning any time soon.  So much for wanting to read more…

Larry and Leon

Pumpkin Goodies

The shelves are chock full of pumpkin, so it’s finally time to make use of that orange-y goodness.  Matt took the first stab at it with soft, cakey chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.  So tasty.  For a man generally unsure of himself in a kitchen environment, he makes a great cookie.

A Sweet Genius?

Bacon. Get out of here.

I’m not here to debate the deliciousness/awesome factor that bacon lends to food.  We know it’s great. It can be a legitimate part of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. A trait few other foods can boast.  However, once Denny’s had its Baconalia- bacon was no longer cool.

Today, as I browsed around Cost Plus, I was slightly embarrassed and disgusted to encounter this product.  Torani Bacon Flavored Syrup.  Lord. It strikes a frightening resemblance to the grease we pour off after frying up the real thing.   And dear god that goes into beverages?  Coffee? Cocktails?  Not sure how you would use it? Don’t fret, the good people of Torani have included a recipe. Take a gander…

Bacon Bourbon Sour

1 oz. Torani Bacon Syrup
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
2 oz. bourbon
3 inch bacon strip (garnish)

Apple & Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs.  It’s amazing to me to think that we have all lived during a time of such innovation and revolution.  The way we interact with the world has fundamentally changed, and much of that change is due to Steve Jobs.  His legacy has almost certainly landed him a prominent spot in future history books…er probably not books. At least not books in the traditional sense. Hmmm well some newfangled e-book device.

Anyways…even if you are not an apple product user, Steve Jobs has influenced your life. He will be missed.

Let’s end on a note of levity.

Have you ever wondered if the pranks a la Jim from the Office occur in real life?  Well here’s your answer.  I encourage you to check this out for a laugh.    This guy is a graphic designer/evil genius.  If you want to peruse more stuff while you’re there, I highly recommend the oft re-posted Missing Missy.  So Brilliant.


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